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It's possible the IDF photographs American warplanes, and then sends that information to the PLAAF.

"Northern Ireland: Dissidents may try attacks, police warn"
"Iraq calls on Turkey to apologize for attack on airport"

Tel Aviv is a port on the Mediterranean Sea.
Venice, Tunis, Benghazi, Tripoli, Algiers, Nice, Florence, Tirana is close to the sea but it is slightly inland. Sarajevo is close to the sea. Rabat is kind of on the Atlantic Ocean.
(April 9, 2023)

Israel 19 Israel 20 Israel 21 Israel 22

This is me talking about the IDF. 4-9-23

Kane 1

This is me talking about Harry Kane. 4-9-23

"K Shanmugam Q&A: influential Singapore minister on US-China tensions, financial hub rivalries and the wealth gap"
This is the Chinese news.
Notice how Singapore is reporting on American policies.
Maybe the Germans use Singapore as a navy tech hub.
It seems like fake news stories come from Singapore.
(April 8, 2023)

#DC pic.twitter.com/fcyUMkJqgh

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) April 8, 2023

This is me talking about Vladimir Putin's daughter Katerina. 4-8-23

I wonder about the PLAN leadership because these reports about live fire drills seem strange.

The Chinese navy is formally the PLAN.
People's Liberation Army Navy.
They are Chinese Communists.
Maybe they don't believe in free trade.
The live fire drills are controversial.
It's weird they are doing these drills and then cargo ships and fishing ships pass by.
You wonder about leadership at the PLAN.
(April 8, 2023)

"Chinese military rehearsing encirclement of Taiwan"
This is from the BBC.
[The line is an unofficial dividing line between Chinese and Taiwanese territory. Chinese state media said the military drills would "simultaneously organise patrols and advances around Taiwan island, shaping an all-round encirclement and deterrence posture". It added that "long-range rocket artillery, naval destroyers, missile boats, air force fighters, bombers, jammers and refuellers" had all been deployed by China's military.]
Notice I guess the PLAN is wanting to form a circle around Taiwan.
(April 8, 2023)

Hopefully LSU then goes to work for the secret service.

Take his head off!

Importing stuff from Hubei.
Walking and strolling around the streets of Hong Kong.
Blogging about Taiwanese independence.

"Economic powerhouse Germany wants EU members to be given binding targets to slash their debts under new spending rules being prepared by Brussels, a document seen by AFP on Thursday showed."
This is from the German news.
It seems like the EU has been very aggressive about Kosovo.
Maybe the EU has policies that benefit the German army.
(April 8, 2023)

"Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told his Israeli counterpart that Turkiye condemns Israeli security forces' provocations and airstrikes against Lebanon and Gaza as they spoke over the phone on Friday, the Foreign Ministry said."
This is from the Turkish news.
There are lots of reports about Israeli military actions.
Maybe they are right wingers.
(April 8, 2023)

"Chinese warship starts live-fire drills near Taiwan" "A Chinese warship in seas facing the Taiwan Strait began live-fire drills on Saturday as Beijing launched military exercises it calls a warning against what it considers pro-independence forces in Taiwan. The amphibious landing ship - capable of carrying troops and vehicles - fired multiple artillery rounds in the Luoyan Bay area on the coast of Fujian province, about 50 km (30 miles) northwest of the Matsu islands near the mainland that are controlled by Taiwan. China views the democratically governed island of Taiwan as its own territory and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control. Taiwan's government strongly objects to China's claims. Smoke and muzzle flares were visible on the stern of the warship as it fired shells at targets on land and at sea. Fishing boats and cargo vessels cruised nearby, steering clear of the exercise zone. The warship did not sail towards the windswept Matsu islands, controlled by Taiwan since the Republic of China government fled to Taipei in 1949 after losing a civil war to Mao Zedong's Communist forces."
This is from France24.
Notice the PLAN is doing live fire drills.
And then other ships sailed past them.
It seems like dumb about the navy.
"Fishing boats and cargo vessels cruised nearby..."
Maybe they aren't that smart about navy stuff.
They might be right wingers and not know too much about naval anything.
(April 8, 2023)

England 61
District 10

This is me talking about 'The Irishman' (2019) and Italians in Chicago. 4-7-23

First of all, anything at night or late at night.
I kind of want to sit and let my brain relax.
This guy is behaving like he is a violent criminal or something.
"Music drug-dealing cousin, ain't nothing..."
Sebastian Maniscalco is an actor from Chicago.
He plays Crazy Joe Gallo in "The Irishman" (2019).
Robert DeNiro kills him in this restaurant.
He is sitting with his family and bodyguard.
He walks in and he has a small handgun in each hand.
And he fires at him until Joe runs into the street.
And then Robert DeNiro gets in a car and leaves quickly.

This is me talking about 'The Irishman (2019). 4-7-23

If I had to say, I think the Jersey guy might not know a lot about this court term and that court term.

Anyway, it is probably difficult to prosecute Irish mob cases because the criminals themselves seem intelligent about due process.

I'm watching 'The Irishman' (2019) which is a Martin Scorsese movie.
A few things.
It's possible as a rule Scorsese doesn't know much about Ireland.
When the Americans moved here, maybe that was before Ireland was a country.
It might be as mysterious to him about Ireland as it is to me.
Conceptually Irish labor unions in America.
I guess they are knowledgeable about cars.
Also, in this one he seems pretty smart about the court system.
I'm not sure exactly why Irish immigrants would know a lot about due process, etc.
So far it's cars and the courts.

Sounds like par for the course about Chinese warplanes and Taipei.

He's saying it's a Chinese Communist Party assertion that this is the boundary. That in DC doesn't spend.

If the Nine Dash Line was drawn after the Chinese revolution then it seems to be a line that is inherently belligerent to American interests #DC pic.twitter.com/5Hor5VKPYe

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) April 7, 2023
China 41

I might have made a personal contribution to this.
"He just made that up."
They have confessed to making it up, in that year.
The PLA asserted the Nine Dash Line after the Communist Revolution in China.
At some point.
Americans probably don't agree with the line.
They also probably shouldn't lend money, etc.
There are complaints about Xinjiang province and the police in Hong Kong.

China 36
China 37
China 38

This is me talking about the Nine Dash Line. 4-7-23

China 39
China 40

"Vucic spoke about how Serbia will manage in the new global, tectonic changes, about economic topics, about the Franco-German plan and Kosovo and Metohija, about relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the elections in Montenegro and about the new president of that country, Jakov Milatovic."
This is from the Serbian news.
Maybe the Germans are wanting to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
The EU has been really aggressive about Kosovo.
(April 7, 2023)

"PETROZAVODSK, April 7. /TASS/. A decision by Finland to opt out of hosting foreign troops after joining NATO would be appreciated by Russia, Vladimir Chizhov, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) and senator from the Karelia Region, told TASS."
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe there are right wingers in the German navy who want to trade through the ports on the Baltic Sea.
There are reports about right wingers in Sweden.
(April 7, 2023)

"BEIJING, April 7. /TASS/. China will continue to take the necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning told a news briefing Friday, while commenting on reports that China had sent several warships to the Taiwan Strait after a meeting between the head of the Taiwan Island's administration, Tsai Ing-wen, and US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy."
This is from the Russian news.
Notice there is a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry.
I guess they are saying that their sovereignty allows them to send these ships toward Taipei.
(April 7, 2023)

[Vessels certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping will not have access to Bulgarian sea and river ports from April 8, a new order by the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" reads.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the German navy wants to use those ports.
(April 7, 2023)

"Caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev said that Bulgaria joining the Schengen area in October is a feasible scenario. In an interview for bTV on Friday morning the premier said that measures were taken towards the countries that blocked Bulgaria's accession, while dialogue with the EU Member States continues."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Schengen expansion efforts are right wingers.
It seems to benefit the German army.
Maybe the Germans are wanting to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
(April 7, 2023)

"Israel Attacked Hamas targets in Southern Lebanon and stepped up Strikes on the Gaza Strip" "Israel's military said it attacked targets of the Islamist group Hamas in southern Lebanon and stepped up strikes on the Gaza Strip after yesterday's rocket attacks on Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of the security cabinet, and the United Nations called on all parties to exercise restraint. Israel's military press service said the airstrikes were in response to security regime violations by Hamas in recent days. Yesterday, more than 30 rockets were fired from Lebanese territory."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe right wingers in Tel Aviv are responsible for these airstrikes.
There might be military research facilities in the Syrian desert.
(April 7, 2023)

Ankara 58
Ankara 59

This is me talking about 'Air' (2023). 4-6-23

Ankara 60

["I received #USA Senator @stevedaines you won't believe it, he's from Belgrade, but Belgrade, Montana. That city was named after the Serbs who built the railway there and named the new station in honor of their homeland. We had a good conversation about all important issues", wrote Vucic on the Instagram profile "buducnostsrbijeav". Senator Steve Daines is a senator on the US Energy and Natural Resources Committee.]
This is from the Serbian news.
Notice there is a Belgrade, Montana.
(April 6, 2023)

"Japan to allocate $393 mln for thermal power plant in Uzbekistan"
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe the Germans assist with these energy contracts.
(April 6, 2023)

"ANKARA, April 6. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov begins a two-day visit to Turkey on Thursday at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu. He is expected to hold talks on a wide range of issues, including energy matters, the situation in Ukraine, the implementation of the grain deal, as well as measures to normalize the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and in Ankara's dialogue with Damascus."
This is from the Russian news.
It speaks to Ankara, Kiev, and Damascus as cities of government.
Maybe they shouldn't export grain so much.
There are complaints about Turkish weapons exports.
(April 6, 2023)

Where I have been is the Dakota Hotel. Across the street is Central Park. John Lennon died on 12-8-1980. He arrived home in a car, as he got out, he was shot with a handgun and he was walking on the sidewalk. He was shot between the car and the door to the hotel.
I believe that he died in the ambulance, he didn't make it to the hospital.
I have been to exactly where he was shot and I spoke with the people who worked at the hotel.

"MOSCOW, April 6. /TASS/. The European Union, although not a warring party in Ukraine, is taking part in the conflict by providing assistance to Kiev, former French President Francois Hollande said in a conversation with Russian pranksters on Thursday."
This is from the Russian news.
The EU maybe assists the Germans to expand defense spending.
They have been aggressive about Kosovo.
It seems like EU policies benefit the German army.
(April 6, 2023)

"Military training in schools will be entirely theoretical, Bulgaria's Ministry of Defence said. Students will not acquire military qualifications, training or special skills. The deadline for public consultation on the draft regulation expired on March 31. The document states that students in 10th and 11th grades will have five hours of military training per school year."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
The concern is about right wingers in NATO.
Maybe the Germans have Poles have right wingers in their armies.
(April 6, 2023)

"Keel Laying for Bulgarian Navy's Second Multi-Role Patrol Ship Due in June" "The keel of the Bulgarian Navy's second multi-role modular patrol ship will be laid in June, the NAVY Commander, Rear Admiral Kiril Mihailov, said here on Thursday. He added that construction of the first multi-role ship is making trouble-free progress on schedule. The hull of the first ship will be launched this coming summer. A keel laying ceremony was held for the Bulgarian Navy's new multi-role patrol ship Hrabri was held on June 17, 2022 at the shipyard of MTG Dolphin near Varna. Rear Admiral Kiril Mihailov recalled that the first one of the new ships will be ready in 2025 and the second one in 2026."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
The concern is that the Germans assist with these military contracts.
Maybe the Germans help build the hardware.
The Germans have a large military now.
(April 6, 2023)

"US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met in California. The American politician thus became the highest-ranking US official since 1979 to speak with a Taiwanese leader on American soil. The Tsai-McCarthy meeting took place despite threats of retaliatory measures from China, which views the self-governing island of Taiwan as its province, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
There are complaints about the police in Taipei.
Maybe the Germans send Taipei military items and police radios.
(April 6, 2023)

I guess societal elitism.
UT-Austin would be the big fish.
And I would learn to talk to people who went to for example Texas State.
Lyndon Johnson went to Southwest Texas State which is now Texas State.
That is in San Marcos.
And so some of this is on paper.
And then as my brain reorients to other parts of the country.
The Fordham people, maybe their school somehow is similar to UT-Austin or something.
It's a Catholic school in New York City.
Kind of wealthy people for a long time have sent their kids there.

"After Aukus submarine deal, Australia and UK to extend ties in 'clear cut' critical minerals deal"
This is from the Chinese news.
Maybe the Germans use weird methods to pay for energy for their navy.
There are reports about the German navy near Jakarta.
(April 6, 2023)

"Bulgaria Receives Note from Russia Condemning Helicopter Repairs and Delivery to Ukraine"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe these are German-made warplanes.
The German air force might assist the Ukrainians a lot.
(April 5, 2023)

"Blinken will help Bulgaria get Replacement Weapons from the US"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
The Virginians are German immigrants.
Maybe they are on a labor strike.
Maybe some of this is German-made hardware.
(April 5, 2023)

Their motive is to wear shorts and take pills while they operate police radios.
The motives don't make sense.

Trump 1
Trump 2

This is me talking about the Donald Trump. 4-4-23

This is me talking about the ambassador from Tashkent. 4-4-23

Harry, William, and Michael.
They were born wealthy.
Now they are overweight.
And they do it with their own wives a lot.
And tell everyone this.
That's the British government now.

There are reports today in the Washington Post about right wingers in Tel Aviv. They are launching air strikes and they want to establish a new military police or national guard #DC

"Israeli airstrikes injure 5 in Syria"
"Israel to form national guard urged by far-right minister"

The Washington Post is reporting on Tel Aviv.
(April 4, 2023)

Israel 18
Israel 17
Hatton 30

[Chaos in Serbia: "Situation is critical"; Cut off from the world; Traffic accidents It is snowing in most of Serbia, and about 20 centimeters of snow fell in the capital as well.]
This is from the Serbian news.
Maybe the Germans can cause weather events with a space weapon.
(April 4, 2023)

Hatton 29

"Furkat Sidikov was appointed as the new Uzbek ambassador to the United States."
This is from the Tashkent news.
It's really controversial about the Uzbek foreign ministry.
This last guy wasn't well liked.
(April 4, 2023)

"MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin has discussed the course of implementation of package agreements within the framework of the grain deal, as well as the state of affairs in Syria, with his Turkish colleague Burak Akcapar, according to a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday following the April 3 conversation."
This is from the Russian news.
It speaks to Damascus, Ankara, and Kiev.
About the governments in those cities.
The Russians say that the Ukrainians don't want to do normal government tasks.
For example, it's strange that they want to export so much grain.
Maybe there are German labor unions there.
(April 4, 2023)

"BERLIN, April 4. /TASS/. Germany is likely considering reducing the size of its diplomatic mission to Russia as a pre-emptive move against Moscow's reaction should Russian diplomats be expelled from Berlin, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) radio and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) television reported on Tuesday."
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe the German army has right wingers.
There are reports about right wingers near the Baltic Sea.
(April 4, 2023)

Hatton 28

The media really convinced us that England would win. And they didn't. I never since thought they would win.
It's unreal about William and his wedding.
And he just ignores the soccer team.
In Harry's book he talks about how they believe rugby is as important as soccer.
William might not think soccer is a special sport and that the World Cup is a special event.

"Russia launches Iranian-made drones on Odessa" "Russia launched 17 Iranian-made drones on the southern port city of Odessa overnight. Ukraine's air defense destroyed 14 unmanned aerial vehicles, local authorities said, adding there is damage in the area. A fire also broke out, but no casualties were reported, UNIAN informed. Urgent talks are underway in Washington on the provision of older HAWK air defense missile systems to Ukraine, reports Politico. In the early 1990's the Hawk missile system was replaced by the Patriot system, but is still in service in some European countries. Spain has pledged to send Ukraine HAWK missile launchers."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice that the Iranians make and export drones.
It's really controversial about the Turks and Iranians building and exporting weapons.
There are reports about the Turks and smartphone malware.
(April 4, 2023)

Hatton 27

The English culture part of this website.
The British never want to talk about the empire.
There is a debate about the world's sport.
In Boston they'll say it's baseball.
When I was little I was talking on the phone to my grandma's sister.
Her husband was Dave Collins.
I own a Collins Latin dictionary.
She said that baseball is the world's sport.
And I said that soccer was.
I hadn't before heard that baseball was.
In Texas I took for granted that soccer is the world's sport.

Another funny story.
My friends in college.
They were Texans.
One time I was over at their house.
And someone said something about soccer.
And they just looked at me.
Because they knew I wouldn't let anyone say anything about soccer.
Maybe they were behaving as Frenchmen or something.

"Only Half of Video Surveillance Devices Broadcast at Peak Time on Election Day, Says E-government Minister"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans can affect the legislature in Sophia.
Sometimes there are reports that they cannot form a mandate.
(April 4, 2023)

It's unique to English culture.
I cannot believe other countries knew what was happening.
In 1998 kind of the media announced that Michael Owen.
He was a soccer player.
Kind of he was England's hope for the future.
And then they lost the game and they still haven't won the World Cup since 1966.
He ended up getting married and having four children.
He's 5'8".
He played in the European leagues.
Also there are tales that he would like ride a helicopter to practice or whatever.
I watched him play a long time ago.

They are going to make us wear the masks again!

[Elections in Bulgaria: The Parent Party of GERB calls for Pro-European Forces to put the State above Themselves "An excellent result for GERB-SDS and congratulations to Boyko Borisov for once again winning the trust of the voters", writes Weber, referring to the result, according to which GERB leads WCC-DB by 2 percent.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans can affect the Bulgarian parliament.
Sometimes there are strange stories about the Bulgarian Socialist Party.
(April 4, 2023)

"Malaysia scraps mandatory death penalty, in first step to transform criminal justice system"
This is from the Chinese news.
Maybe the Germans use the banks in Kuala Lumpur to buy energy for their navy.
There are reports about the German navy near Jakarta.
The Germans might send Malaysia strange police and prison items.
(April 3, 2023)

-I think Hunter Biden is guilty, I don't even really mind the bureau and what they are doing to him. Other people are complaining that they need to charge him or let him be.
-I don't want them to bring a trial against Donald Trump because I think he is senile. He's too old to commit the crimes he's being accused of.
-I think Hollywood actors usually shouldn't testify at trials because it's a circus or something.

Berlin 70

This is me talking about the German army. 4-3-23

"According to him, if Milatovic gives up the division, a new era of Montenegro can be created, which would also mean building the democratic capacity of Montenegro."
This is from the Serbian news.
The EU has been really aggressive about Kosovo.
Maybe it's because the Germans are wanting to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
The Kosovars maybe allow the Germans to use their airbases.
(April 3, 2023)

"MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. Russia's updated foreign policy concept contains a provision to use armed forces to repel or prevent an attack on Russia or its allies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday at a meeting held by Russian President Vladimir Putin."
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe Germans and Poles fire weapons into Russia from Ukraine.
There are reports about right wingers in Germany.
It's possible that for a long time, the Germans have maintained military bases in Ukraine.
(April 3, 2023)

"WARSAW, April 3. /TASS/. Polish authorities have transferred several MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, Marcin Przydacz, Polish presidential international policy advisor, said on the air of the RMF radio station on Monday."
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe the Germans and Poles work closely together within their armies.
Also, maybe the German navy uses Polish ports.
It's not clear how much the Germans assist the Ukrainian air force.
(April 3, 2023)

"GERB without Official Comments after Exit Polls"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
We're waiting for more news about their elections.
(April 3, 2023)

Maybe the Germans tell Pyongyang to test their weapons
Maybe the Germans send Beijing police radios and that's why there are weird smartphone applications
"North Korea: High activity noticed at nuclear complex"
"Lemon8 is a Chinese app from ByteDance. Can it survive the hype cycle?"

This is from the Washington Post.
Holistically it seems like the Germans send radio signals and military items to East Asia.
(April 2, 2023)

China 34
China 35

First of all, the fight was a decision. It's like in gambling to win but you didn't really win. Kind of in boxing there are only KOs or kind of a tie. I'm joking, but one time I bet for a football team to win, and they won, and I thought I would collect money, but they didn't win by enough so I still lost my money. That was the main event. "But that early finish never came, and the fight went to the judges' scorecards with all three officials scoring the fight 117-111 in the Brit's favour."
Anthony Joshua defeated Jermaine Franklin by a decision.

That is one thing that is going on. The other thing that is going on is the Hatton family. "The former world champion's 17-year-old son, Campbell welcomed his daughter Lyla Nevaeh to the world with Kiera Brown, 16, on Monday." Campbell was a 17 year old dad. That's hard to overcome. It's some kind of a fallacy in England, maybe, about the cost of parenting. Any 17 year old, he would really have a hard time being a parent. Either of them, it would be really hard to finish high school. It would be really hard to go to college. Matty Hatton, of them, anymore, is the most likeable. I wonder if he trains other boxers. It's fun kind of that he trains Campbell. There are complaints though that Campbell fights as a Junior Welterweight. Maybe that weight class isn't popular. Campbell is 5'6". "Hatton's body blow sent Louis Fielding to one knee with 1:42 to go in the first round of their eight-round junior welterweight bout at O2 Arena in London." It's crude, but one way to say it. They are fighting in London. I make all of these British jokes. When I can kind of I live like Colin Farrell and end up in the mental hospital from being out all night in the big city. Between Matty and Campbell. That is kind of a boring trip to London. The heavyweights, women in the hotel or whatever aren't going to hurt them. I think that is a part of boxing culture. These Manchester guys. It's like boring in the hotel or whatever because Campbell has his kid and Matty has his two kids.
If they didn't have the kids. Colin Farrell, for example, has two kids with two different moms but he's a Hollywood movie star and he's really wealthy. I don't have any kids. As I can, I try to stay out of trouble these days.
Maybe it gets so it isn't English culture or something if these boxing guys are too boring.

Donna Welles
Washington, DC
April 1, 2023

Poland sits within a German land route between the Baltic Sea, Prague, and Bosnia. It’s maybe a southern tip of Scandinavia #London pic.twitter.com/i8uXXbOw0J

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) April 1, 2023

"Asia's start-ups start to squirm as contagion fears linger, easy money dries up"
This is from the Chinese news.
There are reports about the German navy near Jakarta.
Maybe Singapore serves as a German navy tech hub.
Sometimes fake news stories seem to come from Singapore.
Also, maybe the Germans use the banks in Kuala Lumpur to buy energy for their navy.
(April 1, 2023)

This is me talking about Joshua vs Franklin tonight at the O2 Arena. 4-1-23

Germany 42

"Unions and German officials failed to come to an agreement in their third round of pay negotiations this week. Is this the beginning of a long-term wave of strike action? This week saw representatives from services union Verdi and civil servants' association DBB back around the negotiating table in yet another round of talks with employers."
This is from the German news.
Notice there are labor strikes.
Maybe the Germans use too much energy for their army.
(April 1, 2023)

The Russians will do it with their wife, I'll be far beyond that with my morality. I was traumatized as a child because my sister was a teenage mom. And so I think intimacy isn't immoral if there aren't children.
Alex will be giving it to Anastasia thinking he's allowed to.
This is traumatizing for me because there are two little kids in his house.

I am a radical by nature.
I think Campbell isn't fun at these things because he is thinking about his girlfriend and daughter the whole time.
In Mexican street gangs, for example, they insist you do it and stuff.
All these years later.
At some point if you cannot do it.
There is something wrong.

"In northern Kosovo, local Serbs' cars were set on fire by unknowns, reportedly over the issue of Kosovar license plates Thursday. The vehicles, according to a statement, formerly had Serbian license plates, but the attack happened after they were re-registered with Kosovo license plates, which is a current dispute between the two countries."
The Turkish news is reporting on Kosovo.
The EU has been really aggressive about Kosovo.
Maybe the Germans want to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
(April 1, 2023)

"Taiwan's Tsai arrives in US to warnings from China of 'serious confrontation'"
This is from the BBC.
The Virginians are German immigrants.
There are complaints about the police in Taipei.
There are reports about the German navy in Jakarta.
Maybe the Germans export so many military items that both the Virginians and the Taiwanese use the same hardware.
(April 1, 2023)

"Western arms supplies 'no guarantee' of a decisive victory for Ukraine" "Ukraine has been preparing to launch a spring counteroffensive to recapture territory seized by Russians and is hoping to repeat the success of its counterattacks last September. Despite the supply of Western arms, including battle tanks, Ukrainian forces will have to change their tactics if they hope to achieve a breakthrough, according to historian and retired army officer Michel Goya. Ukraine has made no secret of its plans to launch a counteroffensive in the spring and reclaim land occupied by Russian forces since Moscow launched its invasion in February 2022. The Ukrainian army has already successfully carried out similar attacks last September, driving back Russian forces in Kharkiv and Kherson provinces."
This is from France24.
It might be corruption to send more weapons to Kiev.
There are complaints that the government in Ukraine doesn't want to do normal tasks.
Also, there are complaints about the Ukrainian officer corps.
Maybe Zelensky asks for weapons and the Ukrainian army doesn't need them, etc.
(April 1, 2023)

This is me talking about Matty Hatton. 3-31-23

Scotland 5
Scotland 2