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This is me talking about Mevlut Cavusoglu. 12-10-22

"Are not energy prices high because we send so much weaponry to Ukraine?" - Slovakian electorate

Mevlut Cavusoglu
He is the Turkish foreign minister.
He is very famous, he is an A-lister, I guess.
Two things.
Kind of it seems like he can say as he likes.
But, he has flown somewhere and he says this.
Other people, it doesn't matter where he is when he says stuff.
It's some kind of a phenomenon that he doesn't know later people will remember he said this.
About this dispute with Athens right now.

Turkey 7
Turkey 8
Turkey 9
Turkey 10
Turkey 11
China 10
China 11
China 12
China 13
China 14
China 15

#London pic.twitter.com/XAwBxbs4Qv

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 10, 2022
England 8
England 6
England 7

This is me talking about Harry. 12-8-22

Thinking to myself: It's the socialist party that kicked someone out for voting about military aid to Ukraine. It's strange to me then what is GERB thinking about this same topic?
Joke: The BSP is going to make us wear masks on the bus again!

Bulgaria 11
Bulgaria 12
Bulgaria 13
Bulgaria 14

When they met, Meghan was an actress. Now she has given birth twice and she has had one miscarriage. Also, she talks using army lingo.
And then Harry's mysterious army job where he flies to foreign countries.

England 4
England 5
Kabul 61
Kabul 60
London 185
London 183
London 184

This is something. Harry has a USA hat on while he was deployed in Afghanistan. I think he isn't allowed to do that. That happens too much, wearing different countries' army uniforms. (December 9, 2022)

London 182
London 181
Moscow 64
Moscow 65

I remember this. Harry wore a German army uniform to a Halloween party a long time ago.

London 180

I feel like I am being asked something.
Sam Welles and Margery Welles. But also, Anne Collins and Dave Collins. They were wealthy and they were intelligent. They met everyone who is famous. Aunt Anne wasn't a journalist. She was a wealthy woman in New England and she met people who would come to Boston.
I live near the US Congress. There are some kinetic tradeoffs about my job. Sometimes that is hard for me.
Today, where does Matthew McConaughey live?
That being said.
When he visits Washington, DC, I do freak out though. I'm autistic kind of. I actually do freak out. I wish I could go and meet him.
But, that is a good example because when I lived in Austin, all of those years. That at the time wasn't my goal to meet Matthew McConaughey.

The whole documentary is Harry and Meghan flying everywhere and then the mystery of the press. It’s because it’s offensive they waste so much money travelling so much #DC

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 8, 2022
London 172
London 175
London 174

This is me talking about Harry. 12-8-22

London 170

This is kind of crazy. Harry is saying on the documentary that his 'job is to keep his family safe'. Often the complaint is that they don't have jobs. What he's describing doesn't look like an income. It's a not a reportable income to keep your family safe. What does he do then for work, for money, is the complaint.

I have a free airplane ticket. I can go anywhere I want. I tell the British I will visit either Amsterdam or Manchester.

London 169
London 168

OK. I am watching the Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix.
Heathrow is a historic airport in western London. It's on the metro. If you fly to London, that's the best airport because it's closest to the city.
I have before flown to London. It is like surfing. If you fly to Heathrow, you can get on the metro and in minutes there you are at the tower.
The docuseries starts with Harry at this historic airport. I have been there. I know exactly where that is. (December 8, 2022)

London 167

It seems like William, and the rest of them, how they conserve money, I'm sure Kate is surprised by how they pay for the kids and weird rationing and stuff they do. It's like William's budget, and then does Kate get to do this, and do the kids get this. I'm sure it's like a retarded William home budget.

Kate wants these events to be like BP so she makes money like her dad did, so there is money at the house and it's fun to go out.

London 166

"At an official ceremony on Wednesday, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Rumen Radev awarded Bulgarian servicepersons with senior officer ranks. Major General Mihail Popov was relieved of the post of Commander of the Land Forces and appointed to the position of Deputy Chief of Defence, as of December 10, 2022. Popov was also promoted to Lieutenant General. Brigadier General Deyan Deshkov was relieved of the post of Commander of 61st and appointed to the position of Commander of the Land Forces. Deshkov was also promoted to Major General." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the army. (December 8, 2022)

"Bulgaria: About 10 people have been Detained in a Police Operation against Trafficking" The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (December 8, 2022)

Kosovo 20
Kosovo 21
Kosovo 22
Kafka 1
Kafka 2
Pentagon 99

The Serbian champion is ranked number one in the world! #DC

Kosovo 11
Kosovo 12
Kosovo 13
Kosovo 14
Kosovo 15
Kosovo 16
Kosovo 17
Kosovo 18
Kosovo 19

[Vucic commented on today's violent action by the Kosovo police ordered by Albin Kurti in North Mitrovica: "Today again, contrary to the Brussels Agreement, armed police officers were sent to the North. As I said yesterday, you just wonder which day some new provocation will happen that can disrupt stability and peace. It is good that, at least according to the current data, there are no casualties, we believe that it will remain so. As for the timing, we do not know what is in the minds of those people who want to cause conflicts every week. It is not an easy period ahead of us, but it is important that we stay with our people and that we make agreement with the Albanians on everything it is possible for peace to be maintained and preserved. I also believe that Miroslav Lajcak will play an important role in calming the situation down."] The Serbian news is reporting on the police in Kosovo. (December 7, 2022)

Pentagon 98
Pentagon 97

This is me talking about Prince William. 12-6-22

London 165
Beijing 70
Beijing 70
Beijing 69
Beijing 70
Pentagon 96
Albania 1
Albania 2
Albania 3
Albania 4
Albania 5
Pentagon 95

[Turkey delivers strike at Kurdish refugee camp in norther Iraq - media The Makhmur camp gives shelter to hundreds of Kurdish families who fled Turkey many years ago CAIRO, December 4. /TASS/. A Turkish drone attacked a Kurdish refugee camp near the city of Makhmur in Iraq's northern Erbil province, the Sahaq News Iraqi portal reported on Sunday. "The strike was delivered with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle targeted to the camp," the portal quoted a source. No casualties or damages were reported. The Makhmur camp gives shelter to hundreds of Kurdish families who fled Turkey many years ago. Ankara claims that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (outlawed in Turkey) is using this camp as a training base for its units branded as terrorist in Turkey.] The Russian news is reporting on Ankara. (December 4, 2022)

"UPDATED Continue the Change to Alert National Security Agency about Border Control at Kapitan Andreevo Crossing" The Bulgarian news is reporting on the border with Turkey. (December 4, 2022)

I am writing about the Bulgarian socialist party. It seems infamous now about how they are with the EU. They seem to be corrupt. The policies are nonsensical. (December 4, 2022)

They're going to make us wear the masks on the bus!

"Ex-PM Borissov: There are 2 Options for a Government in Bulgaria - Me as PM or another but with Common Priorities" The Bulgarian news is reporting on Boyko Borissov. (December 4, 2022)

Bulgaria 10
Bulgaria 9
Bulgaria 7
Bulgaria 8
Bulgaria 6

Whatever is on the screen, the Virginians help point at it with their surveillance radios constantly.

Pentagon 94
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Pentagon 91
London 164
London 163
London 162
London 161
Pentagon 90
Pentagon 89
Florida 2

#DC pic.twitter.com/3cCKqUk938

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 3, 2022

This is me talking about Ankara. 12-3-22

London 160
Pentagon 88

Yeah but Coleen's brothers aren't athletes.

Italy 38
Italy 39
Italy 37

Jeez. Czechoslovakia and Warsaw.

Italy 35
Italy 36
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 27
Italy 25
Italy 26
Italy 24

#DC Pushkin was never far from where he lived pic.twitter.com/yOuVkDMSil

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 3, 2022
Italy 20
Italy 21
Italy 22
Italy 23
China 7
China 8
China 9
Syria 45
Beijing 66
Ukraine 44
Ukraine 45
Ukraine 19
Ukraine 18
Warsaw 44
Warsaw 44
Ukraine 17

This is me talking about the SBU. 12-2-22

Take my friends advice this time and do it differently

#DC The Virginians are Prussian immigrants pic.twitter.com/ZGJZvy5cqk

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 2, 2022
London 159
California 16
California 17

This is Clay Bertrand. Whatever they owe, I'll guarantee.

California 13
California 14
California 15

I don't want my dad to age in any way, even.

In early American history there were different kinds of Christianity kind of.
But I guess they were still officially members of the Church of England.
For me.
I don't want anyone to die, age, or get sick at all.
That's the limitation for the whole thing with me.
I don't want anyone at all to die.
I'm weird somehow maybe my dad is old now.
I tell him.
You know.
Mom and I won't make it or whatever.

#DC pic.twitter.com/vulayU9sYs

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 2, 2022
Warsaw 42
Warsaw 43
Warsaw 41
Warsaw 39
Warsaw 40

Ich bin ein Berliner

"Two thousand years ago
Two thousand years ago
The proudest boast was
I am a Roman
Today the proudest boast is
I am a Berliner"

Warsaw 38
London 157

Kate Middleton has the world's hugest cunny #ManUtd The world has heard about Kate's family

That freaks me out because it's like the Germans don't want to hear about England.

The British have Irish experts. There is this phenomenon when the English date Germans.
Jason Statham is an actor from Wales, essentially. He is handsome and dashing.
His girlfriend is tall and huge. She is from Devon near France.
The cliche here is that Rosie doesn't think Jason comes from a good family.
An outsider might have a lot to say to these two.
Rosie, you're huge.
Rosie, Devon isn't a nice place to be from.

"LUGANSK, December 2. /TASS/. Senior Ukrainian officers deployed near Artyomovsk are panicking in the absence of orders to evacuate from the city, Andrey Marochko, an officer with the Lugansk People's Republic's (LPR) People's Militia, told TASS on Friday." The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 2 2022)

"LUGANSK, December 2. /TASS/. The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is arresting residents of the Lugansk People's Republic's (LPR) Nevsky and Makeyevka settlements, temporarily controlled by the Ukrainian military, for receiving Russian humanitarian aid and lump-sum allowances, Andrey Marochko, an officer of the LPR People's Militia, told TASS on Friday." The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 2, 2022)

I guess there exists Irish yoga poses where the women #$%^

"EU governments might agree on a cap on the price of Russian oil, delivered by sea, at $60 a barrel, with an adjustment mechanism approved to keep the cap 5% below the market oil price, said a European diplomat quoted by Reuters." The Bulgarian news is reporting on energy prices. Maybe the Germans are taking too much energy. (December 2, 2022)

Kate Middleton is too huge to do yoga poses with William.

Belgrade 62
London 156
London 155
London 154

It's a strange phrase, there is fanfare in his going to his own house.

Italy 17
Italy 18

#DC pic.twitter.com/Ji4x7elBjq

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 1, 2022