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This website is about the Hatton family in Manchester. It is comments on the Windsors in London. There is a Manchester, New Hampshire. My relatives are the Miller, Spencer, and Warner families in New England. My grandma was related to Eli Whitney. Her middle name was Whitney.
Maybe the Windsors are Prussian immigrants. The Hattons might more resemble people in New England.

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First of all, the fight was a decision. It's like in gambling to win but you didn't really win. Kind of in boxing there are only KOs or kind of a tie. I'm joking, but one time I bet for a football team to win, and they won, and I thought I would collect money, but they didn't win by enough so I still lost my money. That was the main event. "But that early finish never came, and the fight went to the judges' scorecards with all three officials scoring the fight 117-111 in the Brit's favour."
Anthony Joshua defeated Jermaine Franklin by a decision.

That is one thing that is going on. The other thing that is going on is the Hatton family. "The former world champion's 17-year-old son, Campbell welcomed his daughter Lyla Nevaeh to the world with Kiera Brown, 16, on Monday." Campbell was a 17 year old dad. That's hard to overcome. It's some kind of a fallacy in England, maybe, about the cost of parenting. Any 17 year old, he would really have a hard time being a parent. Either of them, it would be really hard to finish high school. It would be really hard to go to college. Matty Hatton, of them, anymore, is the most likeable. I wonder if he trains other boxers. It's fun kind of that he trains Campbell. There are complaints though that Campbell fights as a Junior Welterweight. Maybe that weight class isn't popular. Campbell is 5'6". "Hatton's body blow sent Louis Fielding to one knee with 1:42 to go in the first round of their eight-round junior welterweight bout at O2 Arena in London." It's crude, but one way to say it. They are fighting in London. I make all of these British jokes. When I can kind of I live like Colin Farrell and end up in the mental hospital from being out all night in the big city. Between Matty and Campbell. That is kind of a boring trip to London. The heavyweights, women in the hotel or whatever aren't going to hurt them. I think that is a part of boxing culture. These Manchester guys. It's like boring in the hotel or whatever because Campbell has his kid and Matty has his two kids.
If they didn't have the kids. Colin Farrell, for example, has two kids with two different moms but he's a Hollywood movie star and he's really wealthy. I don't have any kids. As I can, I try to stay out of trouble these days.
Maybe it gets so it isn't English culture or something if these boxing guys are too boring.

Donna Welles
Washington, DC
April 1, 2023

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The hockey practices seem to be unlike a bar, because like they want their own wives there. The hockey players only do it with their wife and the wife is just there to see her husband the hockey player. But then there are twenty little kids running around everywhere at the practices and games.

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I'm 39 years old. I am 5'7" tall. I weigh 138 lbs.
Campbell is 22, 5'6", and he weighs 139 lbs.

Matty and Campbell are sitting and discussing their children over coffee.

In Catholic school we had a German professor. He assigned Kafka novels and 'Night' to read. He said that when he was little, they told him that he was responsible for the Holocaust.
Today I want to tell every British man, his wife has too many kids.
I want to tell every Russian man, his wife has too many kids.

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Married couple, then has a kid with a normal first name and the dad's last name.
Kind of those are Anglican habits.
Campbell isn't married but he has a kid with his last name, but a weird first name and middle name.

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"Move to the city in a broken down car"
There is a Guns and Roses song where Axl arrives in Los Angeles on a bus.
I took a bus here to DC from Atlanta.

Alex Ovechkin is from Moscow.
He was drafted out of the Moscow Dynamo.
And he flew all of the way here to Washington, DC.
He lives in a large house in a rural area in Virginia.
It's some phenomenon that they pay him big city money.
But he lives like a Virginian rural landowner.
He makes a Moscow salary but he lives halfway to Richmond.

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My name is Donna Elizabeth Welles. My parents are married and they were married when I was born.
"Who Is Boxer Campbell Hatton's Girlfriend Lauren Shevlin? The girlfriend of Campbell Hatton was ecstatic with Campbell Hatton's progress. They started dating on December 15 of last year. The couple's gorgeous two-year-old daughter, Lyla Nevaeh Hatton, was born on August 26, 2018. On August 27, 2020, he posted a picture of his daughter online. On December 15, the pair began dating after falling in love. They have not yet exchanged vows."
This is from the internet.
Notice that the daughter doesn't have a normal name.
Lyla isn't an English name.
And so Campbell isn't married and he's given his daughter his last name but not really a first name or a middle name.

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This is from a Bruce Springsteen song.
I haven't ever been to Canada. Maybe it's dangerous there. Tom Wilson #43 plays for the Washington Capitals. He just had knee surgery. I wonder maybe the Canadians get weird surgeries. He's from Toronto but he married a woman from Winnipeg. She's really tall. They had a huge wedding. Her name is Taylor and she puts up all of these photos of her and dozens of other women her age. Coleen Rooney and Vogue Williams do that. They meet as groups of dozens of women and then take photos of this. That's who the Canadian hockey players marry.
Notice in the song, he sees the sign for Canada and he stops because he thinks he's not supposed to go there.

Well I chased him through them county roads
'Til a sign said "Canadian border five miles from here"
I pulled over the side of the highway and watched his taillights disappear

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This is me talking about Matty Hatton. 3-31-23

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