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This one about Dushanbe and Astana.
Dushanbe seems to request increased cooperation with Astana.
Maybe Dushanbe supports Kazakh leadership in the region.
Notice this description of the Irish economy.
Homelessness and then people are leaving.
That's great if they come to America or England.

"On March 13, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon received Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Imangali Tasmagambetov, who arrived in Dushanbe on a working visit."

"The President of the Republic of Tajikistan emphasized the relevance of increasing cooperation in the political dimension, expanding the international activities of the CSTO, and increasing the effectiveness of military, military-technical and military-economic cooperation."

"In recent years, Ireland has seen a continued trend in emigration: young graduates and working millennials are leaving the Emerald Isle for greener pastures."

"Despite near-full employment, homelessness is at an all-time high, exceeding the figures recorded during the Great Hunger (Irish Famine) in the mid-19th century."

Notice all of these weapons headed to Ukraine.
The Bulgarian are commenting.
The Russians are commenting.
Belgrade is not exporting anymore weapons at all.
The Pentagon and Syria.
How the deserts are used in Syria for military stuff.
Tashkent trade with the Balkans.
Can Tashkent keep to Tashkent's self?
The Chinese commenting on Ukrainian grain exports.
Can Sun Qi keep to his self?

"Zelensky gave a List of Weapons and Ammunition according to the Bulgarian Minister of Defense"

"Day 499 of the Invasion of Ukraine: The US plans to give Kyiv Cluster Munitions"

"Bulgaria Will Not Send to Ukraine Anything that Would Compromise National Security"

["Musala" bulk carrier joins the fleet of Navigation Maritime Bulgare]

[Sun Qi reiterated that the essence of the Black Sea grain transportation deal was to enable both Russia and Ukraine to export their agricultural products amid the ongoing conflict]

[WASHINGTON, July 7. /TASS/. The Pentagon's remarks about Russia allegedly obstructing US efforts to combat terrorism in Syria are devoid of common sense, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said.]

[Uzbekistan implements economic cooperation with Slovenia]

[Serbia suspends arms exports: "Everything has to be ready in case of aggression" President Vucic stated today that due to the situation, it is most likely that he will make a decision to suspend the export of weapons and ammunition.]

(July 7, 2023)

RAF 69

In Turkmenistan they are naming cities zealot words.
Maybe it means there is radical Islam in Ashgabat.
Also, in Arkadag the internet isn't working because of the police surveillance systems.
In Ireland, there is a false sense that work needs to be done to unite NI with Dublin.
The labor unions are opposed to the unification.
Maybe that means they have jobs.
Some kind of strange who wants a united Dublin and Belfast?

"The real attitude of the Turkmen authorities to information technology was best illustrated, however, by how internet speeds slowed drastically in the days ahead of this event."

"The very name Arkadag, a term meaning patron-protector, was picked as this is the honorific by which Berdymukhamedov is known."

"The task is so daunting and the capacity to deliver it so limited that it verges on the absurd."

"Unionists avoid discussing the specifics of a united Ireland in the hope of making it less likely."

Today there are lots of mentions of Zelensky.
He's visiting Bulgaria.
He's talking about energy stuff and the army.
He's talking about the counteroffensive.
The complaint is that the government in Ukraine is incompetent because they don't want to do normal government tasks.
Notice this mention of Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.
Maybe the Germans use the ports in the Baltic States.
The Uzbek national guard service.
Maybe these labor unions in Bulgaria are German labor unions.

"Bulgaria's PM Confirmed: Zelensky will Visit Sofia Today"

"Proposal to Sell NPP Equipment to Ukraine to Be Subject of Negotiations - PM Denkov"

"Unions: Unpaid overtime, stress and harassment are among the most common labour violations in Bulgaria"

"Zelensky says he wanted Ukraine's counteroffensive to start 'much earlier'"

"NATO contingent may be deployed to Ukraine after Vilnius summit - politician"

"National Guard of Uzbekistan to Establish Guard-Patrol Service"

"The Ukrainian president announced on Twitter that he has information that Russian forces have placed devices similar to explosives on the roofs of the facilities at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant."

(July 6, 2023)

Both of these are pretty crazy.
About Ireland and Israel.
The whole theory is that German ships sail past Dublin on their way to Tel Aviv.
And so we're blaming the Garda.
The Garda is the Irish federal police.
They kind of seem to search boats for contraband.
I actually have a lot of notes already about the Garda.
They have off duty Garda show up to help with parades, etc.
They're supposed to be monitoring for foreign warships.
And so it's crazy then about the electorate and what they think of Israel.
It would be all over the place about Irish opinions about Tel Aviv.

This one about Astana and the SCO.
I guess the German navy gets to CA through South Asia?
They use the ports in India, Sri Lanka, and Burma?
Also, maybe Astana is in favor of sanctions against Russia?
That's kind of nuts because remember FM Billstrom in Belgrade.
It's as though Kassym-Jomart Tokayev agrees that President Vucic is supposed to impose sanctions against Moscow.
I would like Astana generally to stay out of sanctions discussions.

["It's difficult to extract antisemitism from anti-Zionist and anti-Israel sentiment," she said. ]

"Creighton expressed hope that the EU's efforts against antisemitism will have an impact."

"Tokayev expressed gratitude to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who chaired the summit, for India's successful chairmanship of the SCO and congratulated Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on his country's accession as a full member of the SCO."

"Amid a radical transformation of the global order, an unprecedented increase in geopolitical tensions, intensification of trade and sanctions wars, and other challenges, Tokayev stressed the need to remain committed to building a more representative, democratic and multipolar world with the central and coordinating role of the United Nations."

Notice the description of the French police.
Maybe the Germans use too much energy for their army.
A German diplomat is in Sophia talking about North Macedonia.
The Germans might want to trade through Bosnian and Albanian ports.
Notice the Ukrainians are wanting to deploy their soldiers to Belarus.
Can they just do normal government tasks?
How the Ukrainians are right wingers.
The Chinese and Tashkent trade.
The police in Kosovo.
Maybe they are German defense contractors.

"Macron considers blocking Social Media if there are New Riots in France"

"ICGB Starts Assessment of Market Demand for Increasing Technical Capacity of Greece-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector"

"In order to be sustainable, the European integration of North Macedonia must be based on the fulfillment of the EU membership criteria, President Rumen Radev said. In Sofia, he met the special envoy of Germany for the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazin."

"Ukraine deploying troops, weapons to Belarusian border - army officer"

"Blatant support for Ukrainian Nazis to leave indelible mark in US history - Russian envoy"

"Uzbekistan-China Tourism Forum Boosts Industry Cooperation"

"Detention of two arrested Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija was extended for another month"

(July 5, 2023)

That is Her Excellency Barbara Woodward. She is saying very intelligent things about British foreign policy.

RAF 68

The Wayne Rooney one really wasn't all clear. He himself has been arrested in Virginia. The team has been fined for how they hired him. Other complaints. The team has been investigated for making bigoted comments during the games.

It seems like lopsided trade between Dushanbe and Beijing. As trade grows it might get more lopsided. It seems both in the political and military spheres. It has to be friendship and solidarity and cooperation?
Notice this description of the Irish economy. The foreign investment and then there aren't enough apartments. I guess the foreigners who invest live in the Dublin apartments.
This is about the British economy and drinking on holiday.
The British ambassador to the UN is a very large woman.
The Turkish army in Tbilisi.
The Dutch PM in Belgrade, is Amsterdam the west?
The border between Astana and Tashkent.

[The Bulgarian police arrested a drunk British man on the night of Sunday to Monday at the Sofia airport after an emergency landing of a flight from the Turkish resort of Bodrum to Glasgow, BNR reported, referring to the "Daily Mail". About 10 minutes after the plane took off from Bodrum, a drunken man threatened to open the door of the plane of the low-cost company Jet2 during the flight. Another passenger - 52-year-old Anthony Spence - fought with him for about an hour to hold him back and prevent him from doing something stupid, until the emergency landing in Sofia. Only two of the flight attendants helped him. Pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in the Bulgarian capital last night to remove the "disturbing" passenger.]

[Police Officers and Firefighters Protest for Higher Wages]

[Police arrest "extremely drunk" British passenger at Sofia airport after emergency landing]

[British ambassador to UN says downgrading relations with Russia would be 'a pity' According to Barbara Woodward, the relationship will be useful after the end of the conflict in Ukraine]

[TBILISI, July 3. /TASS/. Some representatives of the Georgian opposition planned to move tanks to Abkhazia, South Ossetia and even Sochi during the Wagner PMC mutiny, says Irakli Kobakhidze, Chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia political party.]

[Border demarcation treaty with Kazakhstan signed]

[President Vucic welcomed Prime Ministers of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, and the Grand Duche de Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, in the "Serbia" Palace this evening.]

[Recent research by economist John Fitzgerald estimated that in 2021 a third of all wages, external in the state were paid by multinational companies.]

[But there are fresh warnings that the country's housing crisis is undermining its competitiveness and its ability to compete for new investment.]

[To ensure a bright future for the two peoples, China is ready to work with Tajikistan under the new circumstances to enhance cooperation in various areas and build a China-Tajikistan community with a shared future featuring everlasting friendship, solidarity and mutual benefit, Xi said.]

["When Wayne Rooney arrived, Coleen had just given birth to her fourth child. She wore a green Gucci t-shirt and they took photos of the Lincoln Memorial. I commented on how many kids that was. And the British intelligence people said that wasn't that many kids."]

If people don't know this one.
It used to be that NYPD officers. They could go to West Africa even. For counterterrorism reasons. And they could kick in doors in like Senegal or Cameroon. And the joke is that they would then say, "NYPD!".
I guess the MI5 people thought they could do "All Clear" at the Loudon County airport in Virginia.
Yeah but aren't you a police officer in a different jurisdiction?
It's our soccer league though.
It's the same thing with the navy and Canberra.
Those are our ships though.
(July 4, 2023)

Do we want an isolationist economy where we trade locally?
Or do we want long distance trade with Europe and East Asia?

Maybe the Germans are aiming space weapons at Japan and that's causing the flooding.
Notice how the EU and the EC and NATO get everyone's military leadership to go to meetings.
It's a nice story about the Bulgarian astronomy faculties.
Notice here how the German diplomatic corps is commenting on stuff.
I wonder if their grandpas drove panzers or stukas?
The Germans used to test warplanes in North Africa.
You wonder about German air force stuff in Mali.
This last one about Warsaw and Budapest and migration.
This is a crazy poll. Because it's saying the Northern Irish electorate wants more trade with the continent. I'm an isolationist. I want everyone to trade locally.
Kygyz political leaders visit Moscow and they have access like it is still a FSR.

"Almost half a million people in southwestern Japan have been ordered to evacuate because of the risk of flooding and mudslides following heavy rains, NHK TV reported."

"PM, Defence Minister, Chief of Defence to Attend Sofia Conference of Bulgarian Military Attaches Abroad"

"Bulgaria's Rozhen observatory will have the largest telescope in the Balkans"

"Central conflict in 21st century to be between the US and China - German diplomat"

"Russia to continue assisting Mali in normalizing situation in country"

[Brussels -- EU leaders broke off migration talks early this morning after Poland and Hungary blocked further talks. Previously, the two countries were outvoted in favor of a plan to divide migrants arriving in Europe among the 27 member states. AP reported that Poland and Hungary refused to support the summit statement, which requires unanimity.]

A rapidly declining number of people in the Republic believe a united Ireland is possible in the next 10 years, according to a new poll. While almost half (45%) of people in Northern Ireland can see a united Ireland in the EU within the next decade, just one in four people (24%) in the Republic hold the same view - a significant drop of seven points on last year.

"Only one president, Kyrgyzstan's Sadyr Japarov, has agreed to join Putin at the Victory Day parade in Moscow on 9 May."

(July 3, 2023)

[The central Asian Republic of Turkmenistan unveiled a state-of-the-art "smart" city, Arkadag, in honor of its former president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.]

[The new President was the one on hand for the opening ceremony for Turkmenistan's newest city, as his father is currently in Mecca for the annual Hajj.]

[The Defence Secretary had mounted a vigorous campaign to succeed Jens Stoltenberg, who was due to step down from the role this autumn.]

[Mr Wallace completed two operational tours in Northern Ireland with the Scots Guards (pictured)]

Notice how the Turkmen follow the different rules of Islam.
I guess the Uzbeks do also.
In Tashkent they pray to Mecca and read the teachings of Allah.
Maybe the Germans make these smart urban items in this new Turkmen city.
About Ireland.
I think it's weird Wallace wants to work for NATO.
It might mean the British are into salaries and foreign travel.
A complaint about the British army.
Do they want high salaries and exotic travel?
Some kind of a crazy American complaint about the British armed forces.
The army.
Isn't maybe supposed to pay a lot and provide travel to exotic locations.
The NATO stuff is suspicious here in Washington, DC because it's expensive.
That's amazing Wallace identifies as a Scots Guard who has patrolled the streets of Ireland.
There are Hungarians and Italians patrolling the streets of Kosovo right now.
(July 2, 2023)

In the movie, Matt Damon asked if he really did play the violin.

I ask Germans I meet if they're from Brandenburg...
Might you have East German mark with you?
My grandma's brother literally parachuted into France.
Uncle Arbor got on an airplane, flew over France, and then jumped out of the airplane and landed in German-controlled French territory.

You know...value their perspective...
What do I think of them?
Some kind of German that only they have an opinion.
The whole point is I'm telling them I know it seems like they're not supposed to be here.

RAF 67
RAF 64

I was at UT-Austin 2003-2005. Then, I thought about writing my paper on Uzbekistan.
At the time, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
They were very scary places on this earth.
Maybe now there aren't places like this.
Conceptually, Uzbekistan back in the early 2000s?
Obviously Roman bought the Chelsea team then.
But, at that time what was going on in Tashkent?
It's a not describable what Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were like twenty years ago.
Compared to then.
It's easy now because we get news reports from there.
It's some kind of crazy here in Washington, DC to meet these diplomats at their embassy.
The Embassy of Uzbekistan is across the street from the Brookings Inst.
Some kind of a cowboy, I'm looking at them.
Do they have a sense here of what's going through my mind about this building.
"Uzbekistan's Commercial Ties With Russia Draw EU Sanctions"
That's on the internet right now.
That headline even wouldn't have been possible to read when I was in college.

Notice in the 1970s there were anti-Russia riots in Dushanbe. Maybe holistically, the people have been persuaded to support the PLA and oppose Moscow. It's Chinese economic stuff but the state television maybe tells the Tajiks that the Russians are bad.
Also, this description of the army in Burma. It's large and now they need lots of jet fuel. Maybe that indicates the German navy.
China is implementing new police laws, maybe the Germans send them police radios.
The sweeteners in foods might come from Chinese trade.
The spy balloons over other parts of Asia.
The German economy, maybe it's an East German economy.

"China approves sweeping expansion of anti-espionage law A revised law dramatically expanding China's definition of espionage came into force on Saturday, giving Beijing more power than ever to punish what it deems threats to national security."

"WHO cancer agency to declare aspartame sweeteners dangerous"

"New images show Chinese spy balloons over Asia New evidence of China's spy balloon programme - including flights over Japan and Taiwan - has been uncovered by BBC Panorama. Japan has confirmed balloons have flown over its territory and said it's prepared to shoot them down in future. China has not directly addressed the evidence presented by the BBC. US-China relations were thrown into turmoil earlier this year, when an alleged Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the US coast."

"German unemployment inches up in June as recession bites"

"Websites and social media have been routinely blocked. Opposition websites operate from abroad."

"1978 - Some 13,000 people take part in anti-Russian riots."

"The United States continues to promote accountability for the Burmese military regime's assault on the democratic aspirations of the people of Burma."

"Additionally, Treasury is issuing a Sanctions Alert on Burma jet fuel to inform individuals, businesses, and other persons of the sanctions risks associated with the provision of jet fuel to Burma's military regime."

(July 1, 2023)

"This has to do with the award! You're here to take my award from me!"

Notice how Warsaw and Budapest are describing the EU.
Sophia is still sending military items to Kiev.
The EU and revenue and foreign assets.
The Russian general staff, maybe some of them are German immigrants.
About Bishkek.
Notice large building projects and large foreign direct investment.
About Burma.
Long term labor contracts.
International cooperation.
Both of those might indicate the German navy.

"Hungary and Poland revolt against EU migration"

[Implementation of Decision on Bulgarian Aid to Ukraine Is "Being Organized"]

[Bulgaria invites foreign experts and customs officers at the EU external border with Turkey]

[EU aims to generate 3 bln euro annually from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine]

[Kiev practically ran out of its own military equipment - envoy to UN]

[Since the failure of the "Wagner" paramilitary group rebellion, top Russian generals have not appeared in public, writes Reuters.]

[AKIPRESS.COM - Guests from different parts of the world arrived to witness such a historic event as start of construction of the modern eco-city Asman, President Sadyr Japarov said.]

[When choosing projects, large investors turn out to choose a convenient resort region for themselves.]

[We will continue to engage with our partners and allies in the broader international community to constrain the regime's ability to exploit the international financial system to advance its violence and prolong the crisis, while restricting the regime's ability to transfer hard currency to Russia's defense sector.]

[The United States will not waver in its support for the people of Burma as they seek peace, justice, and a genuine democratic future for their country.]

(June 30, 2023)

Men who don't read much work both for the Virginians and the British.

If I have colleagues.
Black Hawk Down is the state movie of Texas.
It's about the Mog.
"Welcome to the Mog."
Both the Virginians and the British are weird about typing.
I guess because there are men who want defense jobs but they aren't great at reading.
At Texas it's like cartoonish reading assignments for each class.
I read so much.

The Virginians watch the reading, and they consider what is typed and the sources.
The British watch the reading and smile but they don't read or understand what is being typed.

"The US agreed to sell 'Patriot' Systems to Poland for 15 Billion Dollars"

"Vazrazhdane Reads Declaration in Support of Bulgarian Lev in Parliament"

"Ursula von der Leyen picks Iliana Ivanova as Bulgaria's new European commissioner"

"Today's European Union offers 'neither peace nor prosperity,' Hungary's Orban laments"

"Draft statement condemning insulting of Muslims in Sweden introduced to State Duma"

"The Russian media are still speculating about the details of the Prigozhin and Putin deal mediated by the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko."

"Serdar ran for president in what can only be described as a tightly orchestrated election, predetermined to anoint him as his father's successor."

"On January 21, 2023, Turkmenistan's leadership transformed it to a unicameral legislature by dibanding the Halk Maslahaty (People's Council) as the upper house."

"Why does the military refuse to let go of political power and allow a democratic government to guide the country's path forward?"

"Frustrated by the inability of Prime Minister U Nu's civilian government (1948-1962) to quell ethnic and ideological insurgencies from the Karen National Union and Communist Party of Burma, the armed forces opted to seize political power in 1962."

Notice this description of fascism in Burma, because the army is the government.
Also, the Burmese communist party.
Maybe it means the German navy is active there.
Notice in Ashgabat there aren't free and fair elections.
Also, the legislature has one party.
That also might indicate German trade.

The Polish patriot system deal.
How the EU is being described in Budapest.
The Baltic Sea and Stockholm and right winger rhetoric.
(June 29, 2023)

The Bishkek police seem highly trained about internet stuff. It seems like sick FSB stuff. Why are these people wanting to control the internet?
Also weird state owned television.
It seems like the Germans train the Kyrgyz police.
An independent probe in Kyrgyzstan has concluded that the National Television and Radio Corporation (NTRC) created a network of fake social accounts to promote the government’s policies and attack its critics.

The video report said that pro-government reportage and comments have increased on Kyrgyz social media since the taxpayer-funded NTRC opened a special department to disseminate information online. The department -- SMM and New Media -- was launched in November.

Here, maybe the German navy is active in both Kabul and Burma and that's why the news compares them. Maybe Burma is in South Asia like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also, notice the UN and Burma. Maybe the Germans go to Burma for UN reasons. That could send the German navy to those ports.

After Afghanistan, Burma is the world’s second-largest producer of opium, heroin

The burn coincided with the UN's International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

'That's not what I wanted!'
Aleksandar was supposed to do yoga instead of play soccer this time.
We're doing yoga now, not soccer.

"The highway is jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive."

-- Here's the news today.
It might be illegal even for the BSP to send more military items to Ukraine.
The Bulgarian courts have suggested it's against the constitution.
Weapons go to Kiev, and then refugees come to Bulgaria.
It's academic even.
Now there are Ukrainian language television shows in Sophia.
The Ukrainians might not have any incentive to…
Cannot they just move to Bulgaria and then Bulgarians can speak Ukrainian?
Seems out of control about military aid to Kiev.
And this border with Turkey.
Migrants coming up from Turkey, and then Ukrainians.
Like Bulgaria is a big place where everyone can go.
The Pentagon, sending so much money and stuff to Ukraine.
Maybe there are German labor unions in Virginia.
This mention of the police in Tehran.
Tashkent looks pretty weird here with strange pharmeceuticals.
And then the German economy and energy costs.

Bulgarian Aid to Ukraine will not include Heavy Equipment and Aviation

Bulgaria: Nearly 40 Illegal Migrants were Detained onTrakia Highway

Transport Minister, Interior Minister Discuss Urgent Border Traffic Relief Measures with Bulgarian Ambassador in Bucharest

Support for Ukrainian refugees has been extended until the end of September

US to give Ukraine $500 mln in military aid including Stingers, Javelins — Pentagon The package will include Bradley fighting vehicles and Stryker armored personnel carriers

Russia’s top security official meets with chief of Iran’s Law Enforcement Command

Popularity of synthetic drugs increases in Uzbekistan

The blast from the past? Grim forecast for Germany According to leading business leaders and experts forecast for Germany are grim, predicting tough times ahead for Europe's largest economy. After falling into recession at the beginning of the year, it seems that Germany will end the year in the red and at the bottom of its Eurozone competitors, reports Bosnian Klix. Although the German government still predicts the growth of GDP this year, the main economic institutes and the IMF predict a decline of 0.2 to 0.4 percent on the other hand. Rising inflation, painful interest rate hikes, a slow recovery in China's key export market, and high energy costs are weighing on these activities. "This is not going to be a temporary problem," some analysts warn, reports France24. "At the moment, we see the country facing a growing number of challenges," said Siegfried Russwurm, head of the influential BDI industrial lobby. Mr. Russwurm pointed out that an increasing number of companies, including small and medium ones, are working on relocating part of their activities from Germany. The media headlines remind of Germany’s status during the 1990s fearing that Germany used to be Europe’s “weak link”, recalling the period before 2000 when the country struggled on international markets and faced high levels of unemployment. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is now pointing to a different economic era. In an interview with German media in March, he said the drive to achieve climate neutrality by 2045 would return "growth levels to the 1950s and 1960s," the era of West Germany's postwar "economic miracle." For the Social Democratic chancellor, the huge spending needed to install new wind turbines, build electric vehicles, and reduce pollution from steel production will create a virtuous circle of prosperity. But the vision of a new golden age of the economy due to the transition to green energy leaves some experts skeptical. "The transition will primarily see billions of euros invested in replacing existing stocks of fossil fuel technologies with renewable technologies, at significantly higher costs. This will not lead to additional economic growth in the short term," Russwurm said. The country is also hampered by structural weaknesses that hamper economic performance: a slow bureaucracy, low levels of digitization, and an aging population that could lead to labor shortages. Mr. Timo Wollmershauser from the Ifo economic think-tank believes that "If the population is sinking, the GDP will not grow either." With its economy heavily reliant on manufacturing, Germany appears to be suffering from energy costs that have risen since the start of the Ukrainian war, although the prices have slightly dropped from their early peaks. Russia has long been Germany's main source of gas, supplying huge quantities at relatively low prices to the country's biggest industrial groups.

(June 28, 2023)

RAF 60
RAF 61
RAF 62

The EU and NATO seem huge and belligerent in Europe.
Everyday lots of stories about EU everything.
"The European Parliament will request the admission of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen by the End of 2023"

"UK Law Enforcers Join Sofia Meeting against Illegal Migration"

"Bulgarian defense priorities include combat-capable army, rearmament and aid to Ukraine"

"EU sanctions neither 'brought Russia to knees' nor made peace in Ukraine - Hungary's Orban"

"Serbia remains neutral, unwilling to join NATO, says Russian envoy to Belgrade"

"Polish Company Invests in Agricultural Machinery Production in Uzbekistan"

"As senators pointed out, Pristina did not respond to US efforts to de-escalate the situation, which is why Congress will review the levels of support to Pristina and Belgrade."

(June 27, 2023)

"The comments reported by TASS came on the day security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev visited Kazakhstan to meet counterparts from across the former Soviet Central Asian region."

"Earlier, the Turkmen president received Alexei Miller, CEO of Russian energy giant Gazprom."

Notice the Russian intelligence people visit Astana.
Also, Gazprom people visit Ashgabat.
It seems like the Chinese watch all of this.
Somehow, from Xinjiang province.
They watch these Russians go down to Central Asia.
I guess the Germans and the Chinese.
And then the Russians go to Astana and Ashgabat.
It's about army stuff and energy stuff.
(June 26, 2023)

The EU is still wanting to facilitate Kosovo everything.
Notice in Bulgaria people are threatening the defense contractor facilities.
Maybe they are German defense firms.
Even EU defense firms.
The EU is talking about accession in the Balkans.
It seems like the Germans want to use the ports in the Balkans for their navy.
There are so many EU meetings and EU everything constantly.
Every week some EU meeting.
Notice the Ukrainians are talking with the Poles about military strategy.
Probably the Kremlin looks to Warsaw for leadership abuot military strategy.
There are NATO infantrymen walking around Kosovo.
Remember a lot of them are from Hungary and Italy.
It seems like right winger soldiers police Kosovo on behalf of NATO.
That's great Tashkent and Islamabad are working together about miltary strategy.

[Urgent address of the Chief of General Staff of Serbian Army at 4 PM regarding Kosovo Chief of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilovic, addresses the nation today at 4:00 p.m. regarding the situation in Kosovo and Metohija The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilovic, addresses the nation today at 4:00 p.m. regarding the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, "Novosti" has learned. The leader of the Albanian separatists, Aljbin Kurti, confirmed with the new actions of arresting Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija that he has only one goal, which is to provoke a war in Kosovo and Metohija at any cost. Let us recall that just one day after the EU's High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said from Brussels that arbitrary arrests of Serbs in Kosovo and Kosovo are inadmissible, which was also previously said by KFOR, Albin Kurti ignored this position and continued to arrest Serbs.]

"Uzbekistan and Pakistan cooperate in military-technical sphere"

"BELGRADE, June 23. /TASS/. The NATO-led international security force in Kosovo (KFOR) is provoking escalation of the conflict in northern Kosovo and supporting the criminal activities of Kosovar law enforcement officers, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said on Friday."

"MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said he discussed the recent events in Russia and the situation around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant with Polish President Andrzej Duda."

[Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has tasked the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Interior to carry out preventive security checks of state-owned and private military enterprises. The aim is to urgently strengthen security measures after explosions erupted at a private manufacturer's ammunition warehouse near Karnobat on June 25. At the end of July 2022, there was another explosion at the site of the same company, which traditionally exports products to Ukraine. The owner then announced that the case was most likely arson. After the latest incident, the owner confirmed that the scheme used was the same as in the previous explosion. In addition to the security of citizens and businesses, a government's priority is also overall support for the development of the Bulgarian defense industry, which is key to the country's economy, the Council of Ministers added.]

[Borrell: On the EU Side there are No Obstacles to the Accession of North Macedonia EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, believes that there is no obstacle to North Macedonia's accession to the block. When asked by the Bulgarian National Radio, what will be the bloc's next steps if, by November, North Macedonia does not recognize in its constitution the existence of an ethnic Bulgarian minority and does not include the Bulgarians in its basic law as a state-creating nation, as provided for in the so-called French proposal to start negotiations for accession to the European Union, Borrell responded: "Northern Macedonia is making good progress and from the European side, there is nothing that would block its accession to the EU. In this accession, European principles and standards will be strictly observed. For this, good cooperation is definitely necessary and regional cooperation remains an essential element, as well as stabilization so that the accession process can be implemented. But bilateral issues shall not be binding and shall not determine the accession process."]

"Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Mariya Gabriel will participate in a regular meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) to the Council of the European Union, which will take place on June 26 in Luxembourg, the Foreign Ministry said Monday."

(June 26, 2023)

The Russians are to blame that these people are walking around the tennis courts in London. In England, everything is forever. I think in Russia somehow the land...
It matters more what happens in England.
It reflects on the Duma and the Russian army.
I don't want to have that responsibility that Kate and Roger are walking around that tennis court.
You all can live with that.

RAF 57
RAF 58
RAF 55

That of it is from England, during class can we agree this is cow pose and when the teacher says cow pose, kind of do as the group does.
That's the mental illness of the English.
Can you go to a different class where it's a different pose?

We're talking about the English and like the Navy SEALS or whatever. Group stuff. Group training stuff. Sometimes I'll do something that is group and I can tell, people are wanting to learn about this. I'm the worst than you all about this.
But, during the yoga class, if everyone else is doing Cow pose this way, do I have it in me to rebel and do a different variation?

"But he spent very little time in pretrial detention and was allowed to walk free in lieu of what authorities said was his cooperation with the investigation and a reimbursement to the state of around $24 million in illicitly obtained funds."
Notice here there is embezzlement in Bishkek.
That seems like German labor unions.
Because it's labor management stuff.
(June 25, 2023)

RAF 53
RAF 54

On the East Coast there is so much mental illness. People are literally schiztophrenic and they have alsheimers. In Texas, there is real stigma about mental health stuff. I had so many mental health problems there and here I seem like the only one who isn't crazy.

RAF 52
RAF 51

"Far-right AfD overtakes Germany's Social Democrats in polls"

"Yinchuan: China restaurant gas explosion kills 31"

Notice this description of the electorate in Germany.
Also, the Chinese police.
Maybe the Germans build Chinese police radios.
(June 24, 2023)

[The Russian Defense Ministry rejected claims made by the boss of Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin that it had ordered strikes against his militias. The ministry said that the statements "do not correspond to reality," calling them a "provocation." "The Russian armed forces continue to carry out combat missions" in Ukraine, the ministry added. Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin on Friday accused the Russian military of destroying his fighters, without explaining his accusation, and vowed to stop the "evil" of the military leadership. In a series of audio messages on his official Telegram channel, Prigozhin said the "evil" of the Russian military leadership "must be stopped," adding: "Those who destroyed our lads, who destroyed the lives of many tens of thousands of Russian soldiers, will be punished. I ask that no one offer resistance."]
This is the Turkish news.
Maybe the Russian army has German immigrants in leadership positions.
(June 24, 2023)

Usually, the city of Moscow.
The army there are probably German immigrants.
If Prigozhin is saying the military leadership in Moscow seems like right wingers.
I'm sure he's right.
The Bolsheviks, etc.
These were German communists and they moved the capital to Moscow.
Putin is 70 years old.
We joke that the White House has to keep diapers for Biden.
That Biden wore a diaper and a mask.
Why can't anyone else take over, given Putin's age?

I think the side of right is to suggest the military leadership in Moscow includes German immigrants.
Naryshkin also.
He's 68.
Why can't anyone take over for him?
To me it means that he's surrounded by German immigrants.
Which is what Prigozhin is saying.

[As the leader of a mercenary force who depicts himself as fighting many of the Russian military’s toughest battles in Ukraine, the 62-year-old Prigozhin has now moved into his most dangerous role yet: preaching open rebellion against his country’s military leadership. Prigozhin, owner of the Kremlin-allied Wagner Group, has escalated what have been months of scathing criticism of Russia’s conduct of the war by calling Friday for an armed uprising to oust the defense minister. Russian security services reacted immediately, opening a criminal investigation and urging Prigozhin’s arrest. In a sign of how seriously the Kremlin took Prigozhin’s threat, riot police and the National Guard scrambled to tighten security at key facilities in Moscow, including government agencies and transport infrastructure, Tass reported. Prigozhin, a onetime felon, hot-dog vendor and longtime associate of Putin, urged Russians to join his “march to justice.” Prigozhin and Putin go way back, with both born in Leningrad, what is now known as St. Petersburg. During the final years of the Soviet Union, Prigozhin served time in prison — 10 years by his own admission — although he does not say what it was for. Afterward, he owned a hot dog stand and then fancy restaurants that drew interest from Putin. In his first term, the Russian leader took then-French President Jacques Chirac to dine at one of them. “Vladimir Putin saw how I built a business out of a kiosk, he saw that I don’t mind serving to the esteemed guests because they were my guests,” Prigozhin recalled in an interview published in 2011. His businesses expanded significantly to catering and providing school lunches. In 2010, Putin helped open Prigozhin’s factory that was built on generous loans by a state bank. In Moscow alone, his company Concord won millions of dollars in contracts to provide meals at public schools. He also organised catering for Kremlin events for several years — earning him the nickname “Putin’s chef” — and has provided catering and utility services to the Russian military. In 2017, opposition figure and corruption fighter Alexei Navalny accused Prigozhin’s companies of breaking antitrust laws by bidding for some $387 million in Defense Ministry contracts. Prigozhin also owns the Wagner Group, a Kremlin-allied mercenary force that has come to play a central role in Putin’s projection of Russian influence in trouble spots around the world. The United States, European Union, United Nations and others say the mercenary force has involved itself in conflicts in countries across Africa in particular. Wagner fighters allegedly provide security for national leaders or warlords in exchange for lucrative payments, often including a share of gold or other natural resources. U.S. officials say Russia may also be using Wagner’s work in Africa to support its war in Ukraine. In Ukraine, Prigozhin’s mercenaries have become a major force in the war, fighting as counterparts to the Russian army in battles with Ukrainian forces. That includes Wagner fighters taking Bakhmut, the city where the bloodiest and longest battles have taken place. By last month, Wagner Group and Russian forces appeared to have largely won Bakhmut, a victory with strategically slight importance for Russia despite the cost in lives. The U.S. estimates that nearly half of the 20,000 Russian troops killed in Ukraine since December were Wagner fighters in Bakhmut. His soldiers-for-hire included inmates recruited from Russia’s prisons. As his forces fought and died en masse in Ukraine, Prigozhin raged against Russia’s military brass. In a video released by his team last month, Prigozhin stood next to rows bodies he said were those of Wagner fighters. He accused Russia’s regular military of incompetence and of starving his troops of the weapons and ammunition they needed to fight. “These are someone’s fathers and someone’s sons,” Prigozhin said then. “The scum that doesn’t give us ammunition will eat their guts in hell.” Prigozhin earlier gained more limited attention in the U.S., when he and a dozen other Russian nationals and three Russian companies were charged in the U.S. with operating a covert social media campaign aimed at fomenting discord ahead of Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. They were indicted as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. The US Treasury Department has sanctioned Prigozhin and associates repeatedly in connection with both his alleged election interference and his leadership of the Wagner Group. After the 2018 indictment, the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Prigozhin as saying, in a clearly sarcastic remark: “Americans are very impressionable people; they see what they want to see. I treat them with great respect. I’m not at all upset that I’m on this list. If they want to see the devil, let them see him.” The Biden White House in that episode called him “a known bad actor,” and State Department spokesman Ned Price said Prigozhin’s “bold confession, if anything, appears to be just a manifestation of the impunity that crooks and cronies enjoy under President Putin and the Kremlin.”]
(June 24, 2023)

Henry Welles was born in New York City in 1956. We moved to Austin in the 1980s. Last year when I visited my dad asked me if I have ever been to Duke's Grocery. I have. He'd read about it in the newspaper. "Yes, I have been to Duke's Grocery."
Conceptually the news that finds it's way out west.

I want everyone to participate in this conversation about Italy.
Итальянская кухня пицца или макароны?
Это спор.
По-моему пицца.

Does an Italian restaurant have pizza or pasta?
That is the debate.
I think pizza.

In my house growing up, at least once a week every week my dad bought pizza for us to eat. Rarely did we eat pasta.
The Italians in Philadelphia eat pasta not pizza.
It means they are right wingers.

RAF 50

This is me talking about EU trade with Ashgabat. Does the EU facilitate expensive construction projects in CA? 6-23-23

"Turkmenistan will spend nearly five billion dollars to build a city named in honour of strongman Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, officials said Wednesday."
Notice the construction stuff in CA.
Maybe that means it's German trade.
(June 23, 2023)

RAF 49

I'm writing about the American west.
And the east coast.
Vin Diesel is a great example because he grew up in New York City.
But he has relatives who grew up in Los Angeles.
There are some Americans who are from one coast, but their relatives are from the other coast.
So, in the movies.
Vin Diesel is walking and running around Los Angeles.
But he's not from there.
He walks like a Dutchman from New York City.
He's a little awkward and slow.
But, it really is his cousin or whatever that grew up on that street.
He is kind of walking and running near his own relatives home forever in Los Angeles.

I am the opposite.
I grew up out west and I walk and talk like a Texan and a Californian.
Yesterday I met a man who used to work for ATT in San Francisco.
He lives here in Washington, DC.
That means so much to me.
Because my friends parents would have had jobs like that.
The telephone and the landlines, etc.
He told me that, he'd worked for ATT in San Francisco.
And it was a wave of memories about out west and the telephone companies.

[President Radev: The New Government is pushing Bulgaria ever closer to War "The course of the new government is to push Bulgaria ever closer to war. I do not consider it appropriate for politicians with modest electoral support to speak and undertake such heavy commitments on behalf of Bulgaria," President Rumen Radev insisted.]

"MPs to Hear Energy Minister On the Bulgargas-Botas Agreement"

"Government’s priorities presented to EU and US ambassadors"

"TEL AVIV, June 23. /TASS/. Weapons that the West supplied to Ukraine has already been detected near the Israeli border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post newspaper in an interview."

"ALMATY, June 23. /TASS/. Western countries have been seeking to mar relations between Russia and Kazakhstan while interfering in the internal affairs of sovereigns, the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Alexey Shevtsov, told Russia-Kazakhstan security consultation on Friday."

"Uzbekistan set to increase wages and pensions by 10%"

"The so-called Kosovo police previously announced that the main road in Gracanica will be blocked while the Serb protest continues. The presence of members of KFOR is noticeable, carabinieri and people from EULEX also walk the streets. The so-called Kosovo police stops all Serbian vehicles at the entrance to Ranilovo in order to prevent a clear message of solidarity with the arrested Serbs from being sent, the media reports. Let's recall, Aleksandar Vučić, Albin Kurti and Borrell and Lajčak are expected to talk in Brussels today."

"Despite the fact that people did not recognize their legitimacy and despite warnings from the West, according to the newspaper, Kurti directed the Albanian mayors to the municipal buildings to take office."

How close Sophia is to Ukraine.
The Germans take the energy for their army.
The EU is really huge and belligerent.
The weapons the Pentagon sent to Kiev are now in Tel Aviv.
The EU is active in CA.
Tashkent is printing notes.
The events in Kosovo and the German navy.
(June 23, 2023)

RAF 47
RAF 48

"It Is Early to Announce New Bulgarian European Commissioner's Responsibilities - European Commission"

"Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev is taking part in a discussion today on prices, food and food security during the forum Green Week 2023, dedicated to the green transition in the counties of Central and Eastern Europe 2023. Within the frameworks of the forum, Minister Vatev will hold a meeting with North Macedonia's Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupcho Nikolovski. The forum, which is taking place at Sofia Event Center, is dedicated to energy connectivity, green financing and innovations."

"Beijing evacuates 5,000 Chinese citizens from Ukraine, several hundred still in country"

"MOSCOW, June 21. /TASS/. The headquarters of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Department, a unit of the country's Defense Ministry, did come under Russian strikes, a department spokesman has said in the first comment on reports that it was the target of such attacks."

"Record-Breaking Summer: 195,000 Uzbeks Travel Abroad for Holidays in Just 5 Months"

"Milenkovic was arrested today by the special units of the Kosovo Police on charges of an alleged war crime. As reported by the Kosovo Online reporter, the locals managed to block the road even though the police prevented them from doing so."

Notice the EC in Bulgaria.
Food security issues in Bulgaria and Ukraine.
The Chinese people being evacuated from Ukraine.
The Ukrainian intelligence office.
The Uzbeks are now going on vacation.
In Kosovo there are protests and arrests.
(June 22, 2023)

Maybe I have had two boyfriends since I have been here. Paul went to MIT and he works for the Pentagon. Jim went to Penn and he works for a consulting firm.
Paul broke up with me. He then got a local woman pregnant. He used to live in an apartment by himself in DuPont Circle. She had the baby, but they didn't get married. And they now live together with the kid in like a part of town near Maryland. She isn't pretty. I'm sure the kid looks like the mom. Paul is from Boston originally.
I broke up with Jim. He was kind of too weird. I got tired of going out to eat. He didn't do fitness stuff like I do. He stays up late and he has like weird friends I didn't like. He drinks wine.

"Ukrainian Refugees increased Germany's Population by 1.3% last year"

"32 Migrants Intercepted on Trakiya Motorway Thirty-two foreign nationals were intercepted on a parking lot on Trakiya motorway at around 6 am on Wednesday morning, Parvoleta Madanska, a spokesperson for the regional police in Sliven confirmed to BTA. The men, aged between 18 and 20, had no documents and their origin is not immediately clear, according to the police. Their van had flat tires and was unplated. The driver of the van fled. Two of the men were taken by ambulance. The rest will be taken to the police in Nova Zagora and then to a detention centre in Lyubimets. Madanska told BTA that there is no danger to the life of the two men."

"Vice President Iotova demands clarity on the portfolio of new Bulgarian EU Commissioner"

"WASHINGTON, June 21. /TASS/. The Ukrainian counter-offensive will be tough for the Kiev government's forces and will entail casualties among their ranks, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh has said."

"UNITED NATIONS, June 20. /TASS/. There is a smear campaign going on to discredit Russian instructors in the Central African Republic (CAR) and there is no evidence to back these claims up, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said, speaking at a UN Security Council meeting Tuesday."

"President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, said that the elections were the result of escalation in the north, which resulted in the deterioration of relations with the international community. Krasniqi also said that he should not have insisted on sending the mayors to municipal facilities, reports Siri. Krasniqi stated that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti started making mistakes from the beginning of his rule, since for him the dialogue process was not a priority, but, as he says, he treated it only for internal political consumption in Kosovo."

Notice these refugee figures in Germany.
Also, migrants in Bulgaria.
Maybe the Turks aren't enforcing their side of the border with Bulgaria.
The new EU commissioner in Sophia.
Russian and German military stuff in Africa.
The Germans seem to use the ports in Africa for their navy.
Notice this description of North Kosovo.
(June 21, 2023)

How the police can lobby for more and bigger budgets.
And then some of these groups are called German words.
And the policemen are overweight.

OK. I'm watching 'The Irish Mob' (2023). It's a really great movie.
The Garda. That's the federal police in Ireland.
As an American, I am suspicious of them because that's not an English word.
The Irish don't want to speak English?
It has to be some kind of a German word.
Bureau is a German word.
Here in DC, the FBI. The b stands for bureau which is a German word.

There is a large woman who is a police commander.
And then it's like police and fitness jokes.
The bureau gets overweight.
I guess the Garda gets overweight.
But then they want these budgets and to prosecute white collar criminals.
Out west.
The Hollywood people.
The white collar criminals want to keep their money out there.
If the Garda and this manager woman are civilization.
But, they like lobby and then they got more and larger budgets.
I guess this woman wants more men police to lead.
How the police themselves get crazy.
(June 20, 2023)

Notice this description of air defense systems.
Maybe the Germans make those.
Also, Ankara and Tel Aviv.
The refugees in Bulgaria.
NATO is talking about Chinese trade.
The incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
Tehran and Tashkent trade.
Also, the KFOR.

[Five EU countries agreed to Jointly Purchase "Mistral" Air Defense Systems France, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia and Hungary have signed a letter of intent to jointly purchase the French "Mistral" air defense systems, Reuters reports, citing sources familiar with the matter. Germany alarmed France last October when it announced a plan with 14 NATO allies to buy anti-aircraft systems, which are partly from the US and Israel, in a bid to protect the allies' territory from missile attacks after the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.]

"Record number of refugees requested protection in Bulgaria in 2022"

"BERLIN, June 20. /TASS/. NATO member states should reduce their dependence on Chinese imports and refrain from exporting advanced technologies to China, the alliance's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said."

[MOSCOW, June 19. /TASS/. Ukraine's current authorities consider as their private property the foreign aid being received in the form of allocations and donations, the director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily on Monday.]

"Iran-Uzbekistan Logistics Center to be Established to Boost Trade Relations"

"As stated in their announcement, the arrest of Uros V. from Leposavic is a continuation of the torture of Albin Kurti, who uses all means to provoke a conflict with the peaceful Serbian people."

(June 20, 2023)

"Tajikistan firmly upholds the one-China policy."
That seems really out there. I wonder about Dushanbe and the government there. I can't believe how many people agree with Beijing and disagree with Taipei. That seems like an extreme position. For example, me and the Congress here in DC don't firmly uphold the one-China policy.
Dushanbe seems like a sick state.
(June 19, 2023)

RAF 45

OK. I am watching another movie on my Irish cinema watchlist.
It's a phenomenon about police isolation.
I'm not a policeman. I don't have any relatives that are policemen. I have some relatives who are firemen and then my sister and my nephew worked at a prison.
But, I joke that hopefully I don't get arrested in that part of Texas or my cousin will see me in the prison.
I, on my own, I'm not the culture of the police.
But, the police can get really isolated and they forget about the public mandate.

The liberals really don't like drug and narcotics police stuff. It's so expensive for the budget, but half of people aren't sure that stuff should be illegal.
You know.
The people.
Some people want some of this stuff to be legal to begin with.
'The War on Drugs' was in the 1980s.
That's a famous, everyone really hated that era.
Because it was like such a waste of police use.
The Irish Mob (2023) is a movie. The opening scene is in this police office and they are discussing these Irish guys and I guess they distribute narcotics.
That, the liberals are going to think some of that is a waste of police funds.
And it's an example of how the police think obviously the people want the police to be doing this.
Your average voter...
Really expensive narcotics police operations...
(June 19, 2023)

"Flying from Uzbekistan to Turkey to become even easier"

"Unions say next week is decisive, protests on standby"

[Serbia to stop informing anyone about its military plans — President Vucic Belgrade is trying to preserve peace, the Serbian leader says BELGRADE, June 18. /TASS/. Serbia will no longer inform the international community about its strategic plans in the defense sphere, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday. "We will no longer notify anyone about anything, but for the issue of raising of lowering our combat alert and with an exception of [informing] NATO as we have commitments to it and we will stick to them in compliance with United Nations Security Council resolution 1244," he said in an address to the nation. "We are trying to preserve peace, but we warn all those who don’t care about peace and who want the Serbs to flee northern Kosovo not so loudly. No way!" he stressed.

As reported by the media, the injured were given medical assistance at KBC Mitrovica. Serb list also reported on the attack. "The brutality of Kurti's parapolicemen in the north continues. Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija are being targeted again, minors K.R. and D.R., brother and sister were brutally beaten tonight in the village of Žitkovac, municipality of Zvečan while they were driving a quad bike. For no reason, these "criminals in uniform attacked a girl and a boy of Serbian nationality and beat them, causing them physical injuries, which required medical treatment at KBC Kosovska Mitrovica," the statement reads. It is further stated that "the anti-Serb regime of Albin Kurti is doing everything to expel the Serbian people, and the international community, on the other hand, is doing nothing to hold Kurti and his henchmen who mistreat even Serbian children to account."]

MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. The decisions of the German authorities are not based on the logic and interests of the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Sunday, commenting on Germany's new national security strategy, which states that Russia has become the number one threat.

I wish the Uzbeks didn't trade so much with Ankara.
Maybe these are German labor unions in Bulgaria.
Notice these descriptions of the KFOR.
Also, the Russians are complaining about right wingers in Berlin.
(June 19, 2023)

RAF 43
RAF 44

This is me talking about Admiral Lord West. 6-18-23

"And taking this opportunity, I would like to express our appreciation to the continuous and firm support of the United States for our independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty."
This seems like Ukrainian nationalism.
Weird sense of Kazakhstan being an independent state.
Maybe that radicalizes them and allows the Germans to trade there.
(June 18, 2023)

"Agent Fagg@t doesn't want to watch Irish cinema."
- Texas English

I'm writing to complain about our allies in Moscow and London.
They aren't wanting to watch Irish cinema. The movies are really boring. But, I think people should go through and watch them. It's men. I think they're immature. I don't want to watch these movies either.
I am formally complaining as I can about the FSB and MI6.
They aren't willing to assist the Americans about Belfast and Dublin.
It's because they are too lazy and they have a bad attitude.
They refuse to discuss Irish cinema.

"Alarmed by the way that copies of draconian Russian laws have been spreading in former Soviet countries in recent months, RSF also urges Kyrgyzstan's parliamentarians to reject a proposed NGO law that is directly based on a law used to harass media outlets in Russia."
I guess CA is either Russian or Chinese. Maybe if it's Chinese it's German.
(June 17, 2023)

"Macron, Saudi crown prince call for 'rapid end' to Lebanon's political vacuum"

"iPhone maker Foxconn to switch to cars as US-China ties sour"

"Turkish defense companies meet NATO defense ministers"

[Germany's Cabinet on Wednesday adopted a national security strategy for the first time. From air defence to pandemic prevention, here's what the new plan entails. The document, prepared under the auspices of Germany's Foreign Office, lays out measures to "strengthen our security against external threats". Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, and the events that followed, greatly influenced many of the security strategies the government has outlined: "'Zeitenwende (changing times) is a determining factor here," the paper states. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) also highlighted the security strategy as an important contribution "to safeguarding the security of people in Germany in the face of a changed environment."]

The Germans might use the ports in Tel Aviv.
Notice how much tech stuff they make in Taipei.
Also, that the Turkish army makes a lot of weapons.
And here is the German defense strategy.
(June 17, 2023)

Wayne isn't from Ireland. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1985. I think he says he's Irish.
A lot of them say they're Irish and maybe they haven't been to Ireland.
It's so imprecise.
Wayne Rooney isn't Irish. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1985. If he says he's from Ireland. He's also been arrested in Virginia. He was arrested for drunkenness. He said he mixed sleeping pills with alcohol.

RAF 42

This is a true story.
The Braun family lives in Central Texas. I am the same age as two of them, they are a brother and sister. I would go over to their house. Meaning, Justin and his roommates' house.
One day someone said something about soccer or the EPL.
They all stopped and looked over at me.
I didn't say anything.

I am pretty fast with the German jokes. They evacuated or the panzers or the tigers or the Luftwaffe or the stukas. Labor strikes and the East German mark and the West German mark and barbed wire. Roadblocks and the police. If the police use mark and they're on a labor strike from putting up roadblocks.
It's new.
I don't hear their like jokes about the British.
I guess that modern British jokes are that they are small and weaklings.
I think I'm the British.
Lately I've been complaining about the Royal Navy.
But I also complain about the Pentagon.

He's a Frenchman because it's chauffeurs and hors d'oeuvres, champagne.
Some of this seems questionable if public funds are used to pay for this stuff.
Bill de Blasio is a Frenchmen with French tastes and he uses public funds to pay for this stuff.

RAF 40
RAF 41

This is me talking about Bill de Blasio. 6-16-23

Notice they're wanting Macedonia to be friendly with the EU and the EC.
Maybe so the Germans can use the ports in the Balkans.

This is a description of how the German army is active in the Balkans.
Maybe that's why there is inflation in Bulgaria.
All of these different references to the German army and the German economy.
Now they're wanting to add Kiev to their German NATO defense group.
I wish Tashkent wouldn't trade so much in the Western Hemisphere.

"Annual Inflation Slows Down to 8.6% in Bulgaria, 7.1% in EU"

Uzbekistan establishes diplomatic relations with Trinidad and Tobago

"Russia weathers unprecedented Western pressure, envoy to China says"

"Germany’s defense chief says NATO may remove some hurdles on Kiev’s way to membership"

[Germany Recognized the Macedonian Language, Identity and Culture Last night, the German Bundestag voted on a resolution that unequivocally recognizes the Macedonian language, identity and culture, Thomas Hacker, an MP from the Free Democratic Party, told Deutsche Welle. The resolution was introduced by the parliamentary groups of the three parties in the governing coalition - the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals. With this resolution, the Bundestag wants to encourage North Macedonia to put into practice the compromise with the European Union reached in the summer of 2022, Hacker explains. It is about the agreement on the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution. "The accession of North Macedonia to the European Union is in the interest of Germany and the European Union," Thomas Hacker is convinced. He emphasizes that the implementation of the compromise does not threaten the Macedonian language, culture and identity. The deputy from the Liberals defines North Macedonia's readiness for Euro-Atlantic integration as unprecedented. "It serves as a model for the entire region," and "the citizens of the country deserve our recognition and great respect," he said. The accession process cannot continue in the same way, Hacker believes. "That is why we need to offer North Macedonia and the countries that are seriously considering EU membership intermediate steps. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's proposal to establish closer ties between the countries of the Western Balkans with a four-point plan is a step in the right direction," he added.]

[NATO will intervene? "We see indications; Troops have been sent in a Kosovo base" NATO is turning from a defense alliance into an interventionist alliance, which is dangerous, says Foreign Policy Spokesperson of the Alternative for Germany. Petr Bystron, who is also a member of the Bundestag, stated in an interview for Russia Today Balkan that the bombing of the FR Yugoslavia in 1999 was a violation of international law and a sin, as well as that this illegal war led to the violent secession of a part of the sovereign country, the former Yugoslavia. "Kosovo is an artificial creation, incapable of life," said the German MP. He added that back then, the Americans, as well as the German government of that time, promised to improve the situation by offering billions and increasing the military presence, but that 24 years later there is no improvement, and local conflicts are still there. "Now is the time for the German government to reconsider its approach," emphasizes Bystron. Speaking about the European Union's pressure on Serbia to adhere to the Franco-German plan and its role as a mediator in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Bystron said that "Kosovo" should not join the EU under any circumstances, and that his party, AFD, oppose it. "The EU is putting incredible pressure on the Serbs and is trying to force them to conclude certain agreements with the Kosovo Albanians. But, regardless of this pressure, initially the signing of the agreement between Serbia and 'Kosovo' was considered a condition for the extension of the accession negotiations. But they signed nothing. Nevertheless, the EU strongly insists on expansion regardless of the absence of a signed document. And that is a completely wrong path," emphasizes Bystron. Whether KFOR and then NATO will intervene if there is an armed conflict, Bystron points out, is a very serious question and adds that we are already seeing some indications of it. "First of all, KFOR and NATO are already present there, and NATO soldiers have already been wounded in the conflict with those who protested. Secondly, we can compare this situation with the situation in Ukraine, with which the Secretary General of NATO declared that NATO should send its troops to that country. This only means that NATO is turning from a defensive alliance, as it once was, into an interventionist alliance, which is very dangerous," emphasizes Bystron. He notes that looking at the development of NATO over the last ten years, it seems that it can be used for interventions beyond its borders. Asked about the position of his country, Germany, in relation to issues concerning the Balkans, Bystron emphasized that the Germans are fulfilling the will of American interests in Europe. He recalled that the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was the first time since World War II that Germany participated in military operations. He added that there is no reason why Germany would send its soldiers to Bosnia as part of EUFOR. As he emphasizes, it is necessary to understand the geopolitical context and that all this is in the interest of the United States. "In 1999, the USA launched a NATO military intervention. They wanted to build a military base in that region, and they succeeded. The second largest American base in Europe is located on 'Kosovo', while the first is located in Ramstein. That says a lot. "Germany is doing what America demands of it. It is acting as a flag bearer of the U.S. policy," Bystron pointed out. He noted that not all European countries act in this way, citing as an example EU members who did not recognize the so-called Kosovo, but also France, which, according to him, is skeptical about EU expansion.]

(June 16, 2023)

Is Zhou Enlai's army allowed to invade Turkmenistan?

This is me talking about the PLA and Ashgabat. 6-15-23

"The two presidents announced the decision to elevate the China-Turkmenistan relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership."
Notice how Beijing has a plan for Ashgabat.
A strategy.
I wish the PLA wouldn't have a strategy about Ashgabat.
(June 15, 2023)

The Serbian police and the KFOR have both arrested people. Maybe different people didn't do anything, also police jurisdiction.
Maybe the Kosovars arrested innocent people.
If they can arrest people they are the government...

[Germany to Buy Israel's Iron Dome Air Defense System Germany will buy Israel's Iron Dome air defense system, Politico reported. The budget committee of the Bundestag approved the payment of the first tranche of 560 million euros for the purchase of the Israeli Arrow-3 air defense system. The government in Berlin intends to modernize its army through a 100 billion euro fund approved by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the German parliament last year. Germany's spending on the Arrow-3 system, designed to intercept ballistic missiles, is expected to amount to 4 billion euros, are expected to amount to 4 billion euros. On Wednesday, the commission also approved about 950 million euros for the purchase of six German IRIS-T-SLM air defense systems. "With the purchase of the German IRIS-T SLM system and the Israeli Arrow system, we are making progress on two major projects for the Bundeswehr's special resources that will help build a protective umbrella over Germany," Carsten Klein, a lawmaker and committee member from The Free Democrats. The Arrow-3 system was developed and manufactured by Israeli Aerospace Industries in collaboration with the American aerospace giant Boeing. Klein adds that the combined air defense systems will provide a range of 2,400 km, in which case the German "Iron Dome" will also cover the territory of Poland. The Arrow-3 system has been in use in Israel since 2017 as part of the Iron Dome anti-missile shield. Berlin is aiming to reach a binding contract for the Arrow-3 system by the end of 2023, and the anti-missile shield could be operational by the end of 2025.]

Border Police Director Dimitrova Dismissed

The government will help grain producers find a market, Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev says

MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday will receive his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who is on a state visit to Russia.

MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. Canadian Minister Counselor Brian Ebel, who was summoned to Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, was strongly protested over Ottawa’s intention to seize a Russian An-124 cargo plane, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday. The An-124 Ruslan cargo aircraft, owned by Russia’s Volga-Dnepr Airlines and chartered by the Canadian government, arrived in Toronto on February 27, 2022, carrying a cargo of Covid tests from China. The aircraft had landed two hours before Canada closed its airspace to Russian aircraft over the Ukraine crisis. Despite the fact, the aircraft was arrested and the crew were accommodated at a hotel. Later the crew flew back to Russia.

Kazakhstan increase meat exports to Uzbekistan by 134 times

(June 15, 2023)

Vučić on the arrest of Kurti's special forces President Vučić spoke about the latest information from Kosovo and Metohija, after the arrest of members of the Kosovo police on the territory of Serbia. The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke about the latest information from Kosovo and Metohija, after the arrest of members of the Kosovo police on the territory of Serbia. He also spoke about the ban on the import of Serbian goods to Kosovo and Metohija. "We are at the crossroads of whether we will continue to have peace or not. There is one man who wants to provoke war at any cost. I have always tried to look for the possibility of compromises with us. I am afraid that we have crossed the Rubicon and it will be very difficult to return to normality, for which Serbia will always do its best to make that happen. What actually happened?", Vučić began. "We have had a total of six Serbs shot since the beginning of the year. Under Kurti's rule, not a single Albanian was shot anywhere. Nowhere, anywhere, in the territory of central Serbia did the Serbian police officers shoot any Albanians. This only happens to Serbs. And when someone talks about both sides in the international community, it is our duty to always point out to them what is really happening, and what it is, who is responsible for all of this. Don't forget that the whole crisis starts the moment someone makes a decision to go to the elections, for which they knew that they would be completely illegitimate, with a voter turnout of 3.4 percent in the entire north. And it is not enough for them that they were allowed to, say, in a Bosniak village in northern Mitrovica, appoint someone of their own, who does not represent anyone." Meeting with representatives of Quint countries Vučić then spoke about the meeting with Quint representatives.
"They just asked us to further de-escalate the situation. We ended that meeting. I had a very fair conversation with the NATO commander in Kosovo, Mr. Ristuccia. It is not easy to talk to him. He feels hurt because of the numerous injuries of his soldiers in Zvečan. He is a serious and responsible soldier. But he heard our arguments. I showed him the video, here it is, for you to see. He said: 'I know that video where Dušan Obrenović and Radaš Petrović are seen to have done nothing.' They are still in detention and their detention was extended yesterday or today. Do you know why it was extended? Because they were beaten, especially Dušan Obrenović." "NATO says the man didn't do anything. Do you understand me? The man was arrested because of this. You all have to understand that. So, in what terror, in what madness are the Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija. Okay, and when the KFOR general tells you that we know about that video, we don't, they all know it. You know what they tell you? They tell you, and we, through EULEX, are now monitoring it. For God's sake, don't monitor it anymore. You didn't write to me that you would monitor it through EULEX, but I guaranteed our people that they must have confidence in you and in us, and that you don't lie to me." Three armed members of Kosovo special forces were arrested today in the territory of central Serbia in an operation by the Special Units of the Serbian Police. "We have the right under Resolution 1244" "I received information around one o'clock that we caught three people, that our members of special anti-terrorist units caught them there." "First, let the people of Serbia know, since the people in the international community know it, the people from KFOR know. These people have nothing to look for in the area of Tresava, Batnik, without the approval of KFOR. They have nothing to look for, especially not with a long barrels. My first question, do you want to kill people with long barrels? Even if such a thing exists. My second question, did you inform the KFOR units that you were there? I will tell you that we have evidence, we have recorded conversations, we have video and audio material that proves that KFOR was not informed about all this." "We arrested them. Not within a hundred meters. Because we have no right to enter according to Resolution 1244 and the Kumanovo Agreement, without NATO approval. And we respect that. I guarantee that not a single soldier of the Serbian Army and now you will see evidence, and a policeman, whether a member of the gendarmerie, special anti-terrorist units, did not cross the administrative line or as the latter would say, the border. For us, it is only the administrative line. No one. We arrest them 1.8 kilometers away from the administrative line." "It is very far from Tresova Banja, where they left their car. At the same time, Kurti says 300 meters from the line. And what are you doing 300 meters from the line without notifying KFOR? And who gave you that right? And that when you say 'it's 300 meters', then we all know it's at least 300 meters on the other side. That's how far they went. And we arrest them 1.8 km away. They say, the Serbian army. Well, we have evidence, since KFOR knows the movements of the Serbian army. Now I will reveal to them part of our positions, since we are going to change them. Our army is stationed for the most part in the area, I am not saying where exactly, in the area of the town of Rudnica. Which is 5.1 km skyway away from the point where people were arrested. By air. But they need 19.8 km because you have to go through Raška because of the Ibar that intersects it." "Our army is 20 km away from the place where it happened" "So, our army was essentially 20 km away from the place where it happened. So much for the nonsense that Kurti is talking about that our army participated in something like that. It's easy for KFOR to check it and it's easy for everyone to see it. Therefore, neither the army nor the police, because you have satellite images, so you can see it," he explained.
"You cannot see that you are invading the territory of a sovereign country with such weapons. An investigation is being conducted. We are ready to provide all the data, all the evidence. And secondly, that you know the difference between a state and a quasi-state. We are a serious country and we treat these people in a serious way," he added. "You get the answer to all that, it's Serbia, be careful, they are not the ones who entered the territory of central Serbia, but we are terrorists because we allegedly kidnapped them. No one crossed, not even a millimeter came close to the administrative line. And that tells you that someone literally wants to provoke conflicts at any cost. We have no problem with everyone showing us their satellite images, so that everything can be clearly seen whether our units crossed that line or not, police, how far they are, but KFOR already knows that. The people from KFOR already know that. And what do you expect next? Whether they will say it or not? That is another matter. But I know that they know. Today I met with the ambassadors of Quint and the ambassador of the European Union and with KFOR commander. I have another meeting in the morning." "Kurti knew that secret negotiations were taking place in Brussels" "Kurti knew that secret negotiations were taking place in Brussels this morning. He also wanted to provoke this morning. He wanted us to react badly and Serbia would be punished at the same second. He did all this because of that. Because he wants war and wants Serbia to be punished for something. Here's all the maps so you can see exactly where they were arrested, in what way, what's the distance, it's exactly measured 1.14 miles, 1,83 kilometers from the administrative line and so on. He provokes all the time because he wants war. Do you understand that you make the decision to say that we will not receive goods from Serbia as they say or from central Serbia as we say?" explained Vučić . "I tell you, it's easiest for me to talk to their army. It's easiest for me to talk to the people of KFOR. And that conversation wasn't sweet at all. It was very difficult. But it's easiest for me to talk to them because you talk to them facts," he emphasized. "They were expecting someone they were supposed to liquidate" "Two key messages. I let them know that we did not participate in the escalation, on the contrary. Let us try to de-escalate in every way, to talk about it with KFOR, to shelter part of our forces in Vranje, Kraljevo, Niš, in every way, so that nobody feels threatened. Let's do it every time. But you can't when you have people who just want to make an incident every day. Every day. KFOR says don't bring that minister to Leposavic, they force him through there from the direction of Bajgora, Podujevo and I don't know which other places. To come there just to make incidents in Leposavic itself. They do the same in Zubin Potok, and who will live in Zubin Potok, there is not a single Albanian, go to Čabra, the Albanian place where you got those 300 votes. But they won't. They want to provoke. They want conflicts. Why should you arrest Lune?" "And why did you bring these three people to the alternative crossing? To supposedly protect them for something? That's the job of KFOR. We have several doubts why they are doing it. And that's why the investigation is needed and we will get to it. Clearly, they were then expecting someone they were supposed to liquidate," he stressed. "Today, the Ministry of Interior said in the first statement that it is a terrorist act. Certainly, when someone invades your territory with such a weapon, the territory controlled by your armed forces, you certainly have to look at it that way first of all. You know that they accuse the Serbs of a terrorist act when they throw a stone at them. And let them attack you with automatic rifles and pistols. Just keep that in mind. And it's possible that they had some more serious plans because we found some lists of Serbs. And that's what we're talking about, what I was talking about, so that they had certain information and that they were waiting for some people, whether because of liquidation or because of potential arrest, it is completely irrelevant. And it is absolutely unacceptable. And we have to pay attention and say that these people have nothing to do in the north of Kosovo and Metohija." In the end, Vučić emphasized that we must be united and fight, and he is convinced that Serbs in Kosovo are fighting even though they are under great pressure. "We have to endure all this terror," he concluded.

I wonder about the Germans. At the LBJ School, my dad's thesis advisor had been in the army.
(Remember the whole time my mom is telling him write whatever, he needs to find a job. Her dad had been in the army.) When my dad got his job, the man in the next desk over, the entire time. He always had the same coworker but his supervisors changed. He was a Mexican-American CPA who had been in the army, Gilbert.
Somehow Gilbert knew I was going to go work for the civilian service.
And Gilbert said to me, "The country then will be much safer."

"In order to coordinate military, informational and humanitarian measures, the Kyrgyz Republic planned to hold trainings with the CSTO Peacekeeping Forces..."
I guess Bishkek, maybe they do stuff with the PLA.
I wish the PLA didn't do joint maneuvers with anyone else.
(June 14, 2023)

"Please accept the best wishes and warm regards from President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He recalls with gratitude the contacts with you during the parade marking the 78th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, in Moscow on May 9."
Notice how the Tajiks sometimes get Russian military training.
Maybe then they tell the PLA what they know...
(June 14, 2023)

RAF 39
Kurti 2
Kurti 1

The EU and the DOS told Kurti he needed to do new elections. I guess he ignored that and then they arrested Serbians.

[One person was killed and two others wounded in a shooting at a military training ground in Gifu, central Japan today, local media reported. Two servicemen were injured, one of whom is in critical condition. No civilians were injured. The 18-year-old soldier who fired the rifle was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. No word on his motives.]

"On Wednesday, Parliament will debate on first reading a Natural Persons Bankruptcy Bill, according to the draft agenda published on its website."

"International experts to discuss energy and climate security in the Black Sea region"

"BEIRUT, June 14. /TASS/. Syria's air defense units are engaging unknown targets above the capital Damascus in the early hours of Wednesday, the SANA news agency reported citing a military source."

"WASHINGTON, June 14. /TASS/. A new package of US military aid to Ukraine, worth $325 million, includes 25 armored vehicles, the Pentagon has said in a statement. The delivery will include 15 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and 10 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers among other items, the statement says."

"MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang in a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Washington against interfering in Beijing's domestic affairs, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday."

"Shavkat Mirziyoyev Meets Voters in Karakalpakstan"

"Novak Djokovic congratulated Nikola Jokic on the title of NBA champion."

[''Kurti gave them the middle finger'' Richard Grenell, Envoy for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue of former U.S. President Donald Trump, points out that Kurti "showed the middle finger" Richard Grenell, the Envoy for Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina from the administration of former U.S. President Donald Trump, points out that Kurti "showed the middle finger". This is how he commented on yesterday's arrest of Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica, after which there were new incidents in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. On Twitter, where he is very active, Grenell assessed that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti responded to the demands of the administration of President Joseph Biden and the European Union to deescalate the crisis with a "middle finger" and with further escalation of the situation, recalling that last week Biden and the Europeans drew a red line.
(June 14, 2023)

This is me talking about Richard Grenell and Kosovo. 6-14-23

This is some kind of a description of the EU and the EC.
- With one hand they're sending tanks to Kiev.
- With the other somehow Roman bought the EPL teams.
Maybe the EC is the Germans.

This is from the Telegraph.
I actually really like this newspaper.
It's a British newspaper.
Remember like Harry is wanting to sue everyone.
And stuff.
Probably should read some of this stuff.
The Homer Simpson newspaper.
My relatives have been journalists.
Even my dad worked for the newspaper in Charlotte, NC.
He was a crime reporter.
He would interview the police, etc.
I joke though if I had a magazine.
Right now it would be only Hunter Biden news.
Because he owns all of these homes are cars in Delaware.
And then the police search the homes and cars.
It seems obvious he's guilty because how can he afford all of this stuff?

[Putin lets slip that Russia has lost 54 tanks in a week] [Vladimir Putin has said his forces have lost 54 tanks since the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. He refused to reveal more details but insisted the losses were much lower than Ukraine's, claiming Kyiv had suffered "catastrophic" defeats that included swathes of Western-donated arms. His comments at the Kremlin came as Russian sources reported a British Storm Shadow missile had killed a top Russian general, the first to die for more than a year.]

[EU demands leave Ukraine funds from sale of Chelsea in limbo] [The 2.3 billion BPS that was pledged to Ukraine war victims by Roman Abramovich after the sale of Chelsea 13 months ago remains unused in a frozen account. Telegraph Sport investigations have now established that a significant cause for the delay is Government consultations with the EU over how the money should be spent - Tom Morgan has the full story.]

(June 14, 2023)

"Rotation: Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca has Resigned"

"Teams of the Turkish gendarmerie in Kirklareli, entrusted with guarding the border with Bulgaria, captured the migrants while they were preparing to cross the border under the cover of night."

"Despite the expected good harvest grain producers will suffer losses" "Because of the duty free imports of grain from Ukraine prices have plummeted, the warehouses are full and farmers do not have money available and are forced to sell at a loss."

"Germany's defense chief says Berlin unable to replace every Leopard tank in Ukraine"

"Russia to press for recognition of its security interests - ambassador to China"

"From Uzbekistan to the world: over 8 million pairs of shoes export in 4 months"

["The situation is getting complicated, I'm very worried, just please, remove these fake mayors, and we are ready for a compromise. We need to talk, but I'm begging you for someone to take action. The formation of the CSM must be started," Vucic said being hosted at Cirilica show on TV Happy.]

This is about the parliament in Bucharest.
You wonder if the Germans affect the legislatures in the Balkans.
Also the Bulgarian parliament.

This is a description of the Turkish border with Bulgaria.
Maybe these are German labor unions.
It could be German-made fence items.

The Ukrainian grain stuff and how it affect Sophia.
It speaks to the incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
Why do they have to export so much grain and import so many weapons?

How Germany builds so many weapons they can send tanks to Kiev.

The Russian border with China.

Why does Tashkent export so much?
It seems like German and Chinese trade.

The mayors in north Kosovo.
Maybe the KFOR work for German defense firms.
(June 13, 2023)

[With China advancing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization, and Kazakhstan building a rapidly growing and prosperous "New Kazakhstan", China and Kazakhstan are both at a critical stage of development and revitalization, and China-Kazakhstan relations have entered the next three golden decades.]
Notice here how Astana might be on a path.
That sounds like right winger stuff.
I don't want Astana and Beijing to be on the same path.
(June 12, 2023)

"The spectre of Soviet military transports landing at Bagram and Kabul airfields immediately changed the tone of communications between the two superpowers from one of acknowledged competition to one of hostility."
Notice this description of airfields near Kabul.
Holistically the role of CA and the east to west and west to east.
Berlin to Beijing and Pyongyang.
(June 12, 2023)

"Bulgaria: A Czech Tourist drowned in a pool in Pomorie after a Bachelor Party"

"Vice President Describes Disinformation as Major Challenge to Democracy" "According to Iotova, fake news is based on strategies aimed to manipulate public opinion and weaken well-functioning institutions."

"German, Austrian media indulging in Russia demonizing campaign - ambassador"

"Businesses, trade unions and what they are expecting of the new government of Bulgaria"

"Head of Montenegro's Europe Now movement claims victory in snap parliamentary elections"

"Uzbekistan exports 21.8 thousand tons of knitted products worth $102.9 mln to foreign countries"

"The protest has entered the 15th day, the Serbs are not giving up their demands" "Residents of Zvecan and North Mitrovica gathered in front of the municipal building today." "KFOR soldiers recently removed part of the barbed wire that girded the area around the municipality."

Notice this description of Prague.
They're going to bachelor parties in the Balkans.
And then they'll drown in the pool.
Think about the German economy.
The labor strikes and the workforce.

The Bulgarians and the Russians are complaining about fake news.
It seems like the German army sends fake news around.
Conceptually German computer army stuff.

I wonder if these labor unions in Bulgaria are German.
The Germans and how they go down into Sophia.

Maybe the EC facilitated these elections in Montenegro.
Also, maybe these are German defense contracts in North Kosovo.
Notice the KFOR is doing stuff with barbed wire like it's East Berlin.
(June 12, 2023)

"Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Kazakhstan are trustworthy good friends, good brothers, and good partners to each other."
I am not sure countries can be brothers or siblings.
That's unhealthy rhetoric coming from the CCP about Astana.
Maybe generally the CCP has unhealthy views toward CA.
(June 11, 2023)

RAF 38

In Dallas, the USN intel people told me to look elsewhere for work.
I am telling you that.
This seems like a mismatch.
Our group kind of just reads and writes.

That being said.
Your group was born in England and you work for the government in security and defense roles.
You spend the days in an office building.
You like Irish culture.
Are you being asked to do tasks and you won't do them?
Do you think this is a modern form of battle fatigue?
Are you aware of like police jokes and if the police get tired of working, etc...
Most people don't think the police can get battle fatigue.

Sam Welles studied at Oxford in the 1930s. That was such a cool thing. And he studied Modern European History there. Europe is so interesting. I grew up in Texas.
It was like a Dutch canoe. Me and my dad in this house in Austin. I looked him like it's so boring here. Why do we live here it's so boring here.
It's amazing what the British think is boring. I think Europe stuff is like really interesting. There are Germans and the Dutch ports. I know someone who studied at the Dutch business school in Rotterdam. I've been to that campus. I, Donna Welles, have been to the Royal Dutch business school campus. I think my grandpa probably maybe didn't go there. I don't know if he would have known anyone who studied there. Maybe. It's because I went to a prestigious high school in Texas and my friend went from there to Penn and then to Rotterdam.
The British think all of this so boring.

"Kazakh president to skip 'Russian Davos'" "ASTANA, June 9 (Reuters) - Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev will not attend the annual economic forum in Russia's St Petersburg next week, the government said on Friday, after refusing to toe the Kremlin's line over the Russian invasion of Ukraine at last year's event. The Kazakh government said only two officials will represent the Central Asian nation at this year's forum. Until its invasion of Ukraine, Russia regularly hosted world leaders and business titans at the forum, but Western officials and business figures now shun it, and last year Tokayev stole the limelight by rejecting the Kremlin claims on Ukraine. Sharing the stage with Russian President Putin - who will address the forum this year as well - Tokayev said then that Kazakhstan would not recognise the independence of pro-Russian statelets in eastern Ukraine or other ex-Soviet republics. His comments raised eyebrows because Kazakhstan, which shares the world's longest continuous land border with Russia, has for decades been a member of Moscow-led security and trade blocs, and calls Russia its strategic partner. Asked who would attend the conference this year, a Kazakh government spokeswoman said only Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar and Deputy Economy Minister Timur Zhaksylykov would go. Tokayev's office declined to comment on the reasons why he was not attending."
This is an easy one.
You guys don't need me here.
Tokayev is espousing anti-Russia rhetoric.
Why is he doing this?
I guess we're seeing kind of a CCP in Astana.
Maybe like in Hanoi or Laos, the CCP has built satellite communist parties in CA.
I think this is like really toxic and sick rhetoric coming from Astana.
It means to me the parliament there is sick.
You wonder about the courts, etc.
(June 11, 2023)

It becomes dumb police reasons these British guys want to work there. And then I go nuts about that because elite police is so dumb.

RAF 37

My dad really liked Uncle Dave. He was really good at driving. I wonder if. You know maybe he was like a tsarevich. They describe him like his was born in the Hermitage. As if he walked flew danced is how he lived.

I am a unique person about this because I have relatives who are war heroes. In a lot of wars. Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump. I am like that. My grandpas and uncles, etc. There are funny and crazy stories about what they did in the army.
Maybe the locals, obviously the south lost the war. Maybe they don't have their own relatives reasons for what they do.
"..the first one over the Rhine..."
That was one of my uncles because he parachuted into France.
It's so weird these guys sit around and I think well maybe they themselves are German immigrants.
My Uncle Dave got back and his whole life told German jokes. He joked more about the people over there than the army. Because even the people who weren't in the army...
In New England, it's both Americans and the English.
It's crazy to think about anyone wanting to threaten Uncle Dave.
"The Germans came out like cavemen and like do this and that to Uncle Dave.."

- Groups of men
- Sit at length and it seems like they're not doing anything
- Police gadgets and government buildings

The civilian agents read and write reports all day. The newspaper, the internet, books, almanacs, etc. I have a degree in a foreign language and a master's degree in library science. I read and write and read and write.
I encounter groups of men who have similar jobs, but they don't want to read or write at all. They work in prestigious federal government buildings. I guess they have police tech devices.
It might be a form of battle fatigue. How they are grown men and what they want these shifts to look like. That happens in the army a lot. Men kind of just want to sit and don't want to keep fighting.
Patton was from Los Angeles. Maybe the swamps or whatever in Virginia. It is gross how the men don't seem to work hard. They are alright to sit and kind of do nothing during their shifts. It's like their brains are gross. Like the swamps and the rodents and the bugs. Patton maybe just got sick from them.
[Patton exploded. As hospital staff looked on in disbelief, the general yanked the soldier to his feet, called him a coward and slapped him...]

Thank goodness the RAF is storming the hill.
That's great the German navy uses the ports near Cape Town.

1) This might be a dumb false alarm, the RAF is storming the hill.
2) But, do they respond like this when it's German and Polish ships?
3) The whole point is that we think German ships sail past Dublin and Cape Town constantly.

The British Isles
I like that word for it, but do they mean Ireland?
When the Americans left, Ireland wasn't its own country.
From Washington, DC.
Kind of I am looking at this route west from Lubeck, Germany toward Dublin and then south to Rabat, Morocco.
Lubeck, Germany was an East German port.
One issue that comes to mind is if Germans can use Irish and Scottish ports.
The whole thing right now is we think the Germans use the ports near Cape Town.

It's this image of the RN and the RAF.
They scramble fighters, etc.
But then so many German ships sail past Ireland and Cape Town.
Do they do this when the German navy approaches the British Isles?

[Approached by 3 Russian Warships, British Deployed Ships and Fighter Jets LONDON – Three warship Russia crosses waters near England, Friday (9/6/2023). The London military rushed to deploy destroyers and fighter jets to monitor the trio of Moscow ships. The three Moscow warships are the guided-missile frigate Admiral Grigorovich and two Stereguschiy II class corvettes; Soobrazitelny and Stoikiy. The Portsmouth-based destroyer HMS Defender was tasked with reconnaissance of the three Moscow warships while they were near British territory. HMS Defender is assisted by Wildcat helicopters from the Royal Navy’s 815th Air Squadron. Typhoon fighter jets and P-8A Poseidon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth are also working with HMS Defender on a similar mission. “HMS Defender is the fleet’s rapid reaction escort, which means we are prepared to respond to any threat to the safety or security of the nation,” said HMS Defender Commander Peter Evans in a press statement. “Guarding ships through British waters is a routine activity of the Royal Navy and demonstrates our commitment to the vital sea lanes on which Britain relies,” he said. “Defender and his crew have been involved in operations for the last three years, spanning four major oceans and most of the world’s oceans—so we are successful on missions like this one.” The battleships HMS Portland, HMS Montrose, HMS Severn, HMS Mersey, HMS Northumberland and HMS Kent all participated in similar operations to monitor Russian ships in the last month, including two Udaloy-class destroyers, Admiral Levchenko and Vice-Admiral Kulakov. British warships are regularly deployed on such missions, protecting waters close to Britain.

Royal Navy and Royal Air Force deployed to shadow Russian warships British aircraft and naval vessels were deployed to monitor and shadow a Russian task group which sailed close to the British Isles. The Royal Navy used HMS Defender to monitor the three-strong group of warships, while the Royal Air Force (RAF) deployed aircraft to track the Russian forces. A Poseidon MRA1 (P-8A), a multi-role maritime patrol aircraft, and Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth were sent to assist in shadowing the group. Royal Navy shadows Russian warships through English Channel HMS Mersey shadows Russian tanker through English Channel Royal Navy shadows Russian warship from Baltic to Britain In a separate incident on 8 June, RAF Typhoons deployed to Estonia were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft that flew near Nato and Swedish air space. HMS Defender's Commanding Officer, Commander Peter Evans said: "HMS Defender is the fleet's quick reaction escort, which means we're ready to respond to any threats to the nation's safety or security. "Escorting ships through UK waters is routine activity for the Royal Navy and demonstrates our commitment to the vital sea lanes upon which the UK depends. "Defender and her crew have been engaged on operations over the past three years, covering four major oceans and most of the world's seas – and so we're accomplished at missions such as this." The Russian ships were identified as the guided-missile frigate Admiral Grigorovich and two Stereguschiy II-class corvettes, Soobrazitelny and Stoikiy. The Royal Navy's destroyer was assisted by her Wildcat helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron. HMS Portland, HMS Montrose, HMS Severn, HMS Mersey, HMS Northumberland, and HMS Kent have all been involved in similar operations to monitor Russian ships in the last month.]

(June 10, 2023)

In these offices they have such a bad attitude about reading. But there isn't other work than that to do. And so it's weird they're in the building. I guess people say they're drunkards and they can't read really because of lifestyle stuff. The work that needs to be done in the offices is reading. They want to use tech police gadgets and that's their shift.

"Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov arrived in Beijing on Friday, the second stop on his state visit to China after participating in the China-Central Asia Summit in the city of Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province."
Notice this description of Bishkek.
Maybe there are bases in Kyrgyzstan that coordinate with Xinjiang province.
(June 10, 2023)

About defense contractors and special operators. The genre of these cool jobs that are the defense budget and secretive. What if that day there isn't much work to do? In that they are contractors and maybe they should go home? It's up to the firm, if they still get paid for the shift. Supposedly they'll come up with ways to kind of pass the time during the shift. But, maybe there's not actually any work to do. The workplace genre of defense contracts and secretive offices.

[The army and militias known as "macawisley" have in recent months retaken swathes of territory in the centre of the country in an operation backed by the African Union mission ATMIS and US air strikes. Several people killed in Al Shabaab attack on Mogadishu beach hotel Six civilians were killed and 10 wounded in a six-hour siege by Al Shabaab militants at a beachside hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, police said Saturday, adding that three officers also died in the gunfight.]

[China wants to restrict the use of mobile file-sharing services such as AirDrop and Bluetooth in a move that will expand its censorship machine. The national internet regulator on Tuesday launched a month-long public consultation on the proposals. They want service providers to prevent the spread of illegal and "undesirable" information, among other things. Activists fear that this will further hinder their ability to mobilise people, or share information.]

[The captain managed to radio for help, sending an urgent request to Ankara, which then alerted the Italian authorities, according to reports. After special forces stormed the ship, some of the stowaways were arrested but others "barricaded themselves in the depths of the hold," the Repubblica said. Italian special ops squads save Turkish ship from stowaway 'pirates']

[Why people in Germany are being advised to switch energy suppliers]

France24 is reporting on East Africa.
The Germans might use the ports in Somalia.
Mogadishu is a port on the Indian Ocean.
Also, Mumbai, Singapore, and Jakarta.
The South Africans might allow the Germans to use the ports in Cape Town.

The BBC is reporting on the Chinese internet.
The theory is that the Germans build radios.
And that the Germans give the CCP the means to suppress dissent.
Like, the Germans tell the CCP how to use the radios to prevent uprisings.

This is a report about the Mediterranean Sea.
A ship lift a port near Istanbul.
And it was headed to France.
I guess the Italian army seized it.

The Germans are reporting on energy issues.
Maybe they use too much energy for their army.
(June 10, 2023)

It's such a large area.
Not everyone agrees on the countries.
I add Kabul because of the war.
All of these CA countries were involved in that.
Like, the Uzbeks were involved in like Taliban stuff.
It's a crazy topic.
I have a friend who died in Afghanistan.
Javier de La Garza.
He went to my high school.

RAF 36
RAF 35

The Chinese are like up in Dushanbe.

Notice the mention of Chinese modernization.
Also, Chinese investors.
China has a holistic Central Asia strategy.
Does Dushanbe want Chinese technology?
This seems holistically really frightening about Chinese everything in Tajikistan.

"Li Qiang Meets with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon" "On the morning of May 17, 2023, at the Great Hall of the People, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council met with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon who is in China for a state visit and the China-Central Asia Summit. Li Qiang said that under the strategic guidance and personal commitment of President Xi Jinping and President Emomali Rahmon, China-Tajikistan relations have realized leapfrog development in recent years. China is ready to further synergize development strategies with Tajikistan, deepen mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and share new opportunities brought by Chinese modernization with Tajikistan, to continuously make the pie of China-Tajikistan cooperation bigger and more substantive and deliver more tangible benefits to the two peoples. Li Qiang pointed out that the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Tajikistan has yielded fruitful results. The two sides need to further strengthen pragmatic cooperation with focus on high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, continuously optimize the trade structure, and improve the level of trade facilitation. China welcomes more exports from Tajikistan and hopes that Tajikistan will further improve its business environment and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors. The two sides need to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in agriculture, industrial parks, infrastructure and other fields, continuously enhance connectivity, and strengthen exchanges in such fields as culture, education, medical care and sister cities programs. Li Qiang stressed that the China-Central Asia Summit will inject new impetus into the overall cooperation between China and Central Asia, and bring new opportunities for deepening China-Tajikistan cooperation. Li Qiang expressed the hope that Tajikistan will continue to play an active role in promoting the new and great development of China-Central Asia cooperation. Emomali Rahmon said that Tajikistan and China are good neighbors, good friends and good examples of solidarity and mutual assistance for common development. Over the past decade, bilateral relations have reached a new height and bilateral cooperation has yielded fruitful results. Tajikistan is ready to learn from China's experience, absorb China's technology, deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation with China in such areas as production capacity, energy, agriculture, water conservancy, connectivity and culture, and advance Belt and Road cooperation to bring bilateral relations to a new level."
(June 9, 2023)

[An average-sized vessel at 633 feet, Sussex began her service life in the Mediterranean, before being transferred for a brief stint with the Royal Australian Navy. Upon returning to Europe, she defended shipping lanes along the eastern coast of Spain during the Spanish Civil War, with support from the HMS Intrepid (D10) and Impulsive.]
This is about the RN.
Notice it's a route between the Med and Southeast Asia.
I guess the Germans send their ships this same route.
Around Rabat, Morocco and then Cape Town, Mumbai and Jakarta.
Maybe the South Africans allow the Germans to use their ports.
Also Yemen.
(June 9, 2023)

How are we supposed to know that British special ops drink beer and don't read reports?
There is secrecy in how retarded that is.

We pay them a lot, we think they're worth it.
And then oh my goodness they're drunk and their wives and kids are everywhere.

The British special police ops have group discussions. They take two hours as a group.
One American reading and writing a report.
Takes ten minutes.
It's really expensive about the British and their salaries.
It's because they won't do the work.
Wayne Rooney and Jason.
We pay them, because we think they're worth it.
The EPL and the London theater.
But then they show up with their wives and little kids at work.
Wayne was arrested at the Loudon County airport for drunkenness.
He wandered into a restricted area while intoxicated.
He was supposed to be at the DC United practice the next day.
Back then he was making $5m a year.

The German federal police is making statements about raids and searches. I am not sure about the police and operations that move between different countries in the Balkans. Maybe it is right wingerism. Because then Bulgarians are policed by Germans.
In Kosovo there are Italians and Hungarian police. And then they sent the Turkish police.
It seems like too much police generally in the Balkans.

"Attempted assassination of Zelensky? VIDEO" "Belarusian opposition media NEXTA published a video on its Twitter account, expressing suspicion on the basis of it that there was an attempt to kill Zelensky."
This speaks to the incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
People complain that he asks for weapons so much.
He is constantly flying to conferences in other countries.
His travel budget seems outlandish.

If I have friends here.
I don't drive at all.
Out west the highways, etc.
Here in Washington, DC.
It's like every car looks dumb other than the motorcade.
And the roads are like French roads.
The locals are terrible at driving.
Also, the vandals break the car windows.
It's a dangerous city.
There is some kind of a joke about British police ops.
If they drive to the buildings.
I'm not sure they all drive Maseratis to the police op buildings.

The British police ops don't read the news, and they get paid, and they drive their cars and work in the buildings.

[State Security Service gets New Tasks for Critical Information Infrastructure Facilities Protection The State Security Service of Uzbekistan has been assigned new tasks by a presidential decree to strengthen the cybersecurity of critical information infrastructure facilities. The authorized body will now monitor the level of cybersecurity at these facilities and develop procedures for their assessment and monitoring. Together with the Inspectorate for Supervision of Information and Telecommunications under the Ministry of Digital Technology, the State Security Service will also participate in ensuring cybersecurity and monitoring the state of development. The State Security Service will keep the apparatus of the Security Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan informed about any cyber security control activities at facilities of high importance and categorized facilities. They will also provide written information about the results of their monitoring within 48 hours. Furthermore, any appointments or dismissals of employees responsible for ensuring cybersecurity at critical information infrastructure facilities will be timely reported to the authorized state body. The practice of certifying these employees by the authorized state body will also be implemented every three years. The new tasks assigned to the State Security Service are crucial in safeguarding the country's critical information infrastructure facilities from cyber threats. By closely monitoring and assessing the level of cybersecurity at these facilities, the State Security Service will be able to identify and address any vulnerabilities, ensuring that these facilities remain secure and protected]
I guess the SAPO and the security people in Tashkent.
I wonder if this is like FM Billstrom SAPO stuff.
Do you think the Uzbek army works with the Swedes a lot?
(June 9, 2023)

RAF 33
RAF 34

To the nth.
I'm alright these guys get grounded.
"Ground those planes."

If people don't know this.
This civilian agents.
I get tired of fighter pilots.
My cousin was a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.
There is some kind of a rock star.
If he didn't have his fighter jet...
"...got you jumping off the deck, shove it into over drive."
"We live like rock stars, dance on every bar."

[MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. The details of the investigation into the Nord Stream explosions should be published in the course of a transparent investigation, which is not currently conducted, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.]

This is about the Baltic Sea.
At the same time the RAF.
They're flying over the Baltic Sea.
The Russians are saying it's not a real effort to learn about the Nord Stream stuff.
It's an image of RAF pilots.
Dumbly flying over the sea.
And they don't read the reports about the Nord Stream stuff.
Thank goodness the pilots have those planes.
Thank goodness we train those guys.
(June 9, 2023)

It's an image of British policemen. They view signals. And they interpret every signal, to not read the news or document the translation.
- Signal means don't read the news.
- Signal means don't document the translations.
They are interpreting the signals as they're not supposed to read the news or document the translations.

Greg is afraid of the ball, not Glen.
- Ops
- Ops
- RN
It's ops to watch someone read the news. It doesn't get to RN though because ops doesn't then read the report about the news. We stay in ops but we do not get to RN.

["UK's Royal Air Force claims Russian planes intercepted near Swedish airspace" "We are talking about the reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces Il-20, accompanied by the Su-27 fighter LONDON, June 9. /TASS/. British Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoon and Swedish Air Force Gripen jets intercepted a Russian Aerospace Force Il-20 reconnaissance plane, escorted by a Su-27 fighter, the RAF said in a statement Thursday. "RAF Typhoons and Swedish Air Force Gripens were scrambled this evening to intercept a Russian Air Force IL20 COOT A and Su-27 FLANKER B flying close to @NATO and Swedish airspace. The RAF fighters from 140 EAW are currently deployed on NATO's Baltic Air Policing Mission," the RAF tweeted. The RAF underscored that Russian pilots did not enter the Swedish airspace. "The Russian aircraft were not complying with international norms and failed to communicate with the relevant Flight Information Regions (FIRs) however, remained in international airspace and flew in a professional manner," the statement says. The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that Russian military aircraft carry out their sorties in strict compliance with international air law.]
This has to do with the Windsors even.
The theory is that William and Charles, and the Swedes, to pay for the monarch.
They do this mysterious and controversial trade with East Asia.
Why are the RAF and the Swedes jointing acting?
It's because Charles and the Swedish king want to make a living.
On like German army stuff.
Charles is a Prussian immigrant.
(June 9, 2023)

I am opposed generally to the EC. The EU. Haha. France.
"Half of Bulgarians want cooperation with Russia restored after the war in Ukraine: European Council for Foreign Relations survey"
This is about anti-EC stuff.
I don't like the EC.
I don't want the EC in Bulgaria at all.
(June 9, 2023)

There are British policemen who do ops, and then they want to do stuff about the RN. Ops RN Ops RN Ops.

[MEP Eugen Tomas Supports "Romania Deserves Schengen" Petition, Brings Action before EU Court of Justice]
This is about the EC.
I wish the EC would stop it with the sanctions.
You wonder if the Schengen agreement contributes to inflation.
Holistically, it seems like the EC should be blamed for the inflation in Europe.
(June 9, 2023)

Remarkably, the Americans who write the reports used to be the RN. And then these British guys at the police buildings consider RN issues. We're the RN. They're the RN. The Americans are the ones writing the reports and speaking the foreign languages.

The British, they consider what is relevant to the RN. When they read the news.

[Member States agreed on "Fair Distribution" of Refugees and Migrants in the EU European Union countries have reached a long-delayed agreement on a fair distribution of refugees and migrants. The decision was reached last night in Luxembourg by interior ministers. The reform is in two directions - on the one hand with the countries under pressure, and on the other - an accelerated procedure for some of the migrants' applications. On point one, each country would have to accept a proportional number of asylum seekers. If it refuses, it will have to pay compensation into a fund managed by the union, which will help the countries most under migration pressure. The amount of 20,000 euros per rejected candidate was discussed. Point two of the agreement introduces an accelerated procedure - up to 12 weeks - for processing applications in centers located at the borders. But this measure will apply to applicants who statistically have the least chance of being granted refugee status. Such are citizens of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Bangladesh and Pakistan."]
This is about refugees.
That's amazing about the EC.
In Luxembourg they'll tell Bulgaria to take in refugees.
Maybe they intentionally tell countries in the Balkans to take in refugees.
Also, the suspicion is that the EC and the Germans test weapons in North Africa.
Like, the Germans cause the problems with the refugees.
(June 9, 2023)

As you all trend toward police, meaning less foreign language skills and less reading the news, it's dumber what you do in the buildings.
From the budget perspective.
But, it's a jungle argument.
If the police are in there not doing anything is crazy.
The Congress doesn't like that.

I guess the police now want to read about the Bulgarian parliament.

I'm the only one who ever makes police jokes.
In Austin, the police are well liked but they don't have like science degrees or whatever. The contest of it is like engineering jobs and science jobs. In Atlanta, they all want to work for Google.
In DC, I have like the market on police jokes because they want to be like prestigious police and then they don't read the news or speak a foreign language.

Right now I'm reading the Bulgarian news. That's very interesting. It's more interesting about the London police and the buildings. I guess some of them are right wingers. Maybe they don't work during their shifts. Wow.

Me keep it, them send a replacement.
Me return them this blanket, they send a replacement.
Me send it to them to test it.

I'm from Texas.
There is a point I want to make about east coast economic stuff.
Consumer rights.
I bought an electric blanket from Westinghouse.
This is the second one I bought.
Both of them are great.
The last one lasted a year and then I bought a new one.
I use them all day every day.
The Westinghouse people are wanting me to send them this new one.
Because I told them it doesn't heat up as much as it did.
I asked them for a replacement.
They said for me to send it to them, they'll test it, and decide on a return.
I think do I have to send them this other one at all?
Can they just send me a new one?

RAF 32

[Many analysts believe that Rahmon has similar plans for his son to succeed him.] [Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are also near neighbors on various rankings of democracy and press freedoms; both have been recommended by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) for designation as "countries of particular concern" when it comes to religious freedoms.] [According to government statements, the two sides signed 23 new documents on cooperation and a separate declaration on deepening their strategic partnership. The 23 documents signed covered a great variety of issues: health, cyber and information security, veterinary issues, and "plant quarantine."]
Notice Ashgabat and Dushanbe use similar security hardware.
I guess the EC sells them radios.
Maybe the SAPO works with them.
The SAPO, Ankara, Ashgabat, and Dushanbe do joint police surveillance operations.
(June 8, 2023)

"I don't have it to give you."
In Texas, felons really cannot find a job. Kind of they die off from the desert. The Virginians are alright to live with their relatives.
Jason Statham to me is a criminal. I would give anything for him to be sent back to London. I want his house seized. I want his bank account seized. I want Rosie and her kids out of this country today.
He is an actor. He's a member of the SAG. He owns a home in Beverly Hills. I think he's guilty of taking money and not working.
Working with the British.
The men want high salaries.
And they refuse to work as they are supposed to.
They refuse to work as hard as they are supposed to.
That is true about the actors.
It's true about the athletes.
I don't have much money.
Kind of, in Texas there aren't second chances.

Holistically some of this sounds like they're selling research and using science words.
But, I think their description of this principle is French.
It's not exactly right to say speed and position.
It's you cannot know any two things at the same time.
Does that make sense?
If you know the speed, you cannot know the position at the same time.
Or anything else at the same time.
[GPS has changed the way we get around the globe. But if you command a warship, you must think about what you would do if an adversary destroyed or compromised your GPS system. The Royal Navy and Imperial College London think a quantum navigation system might be the answer. Of course, Heisenberg says you can't know your speed and position simultaneously. But at the real-world level, you can apparently get close enough. The quantum sensors in question are essentially accelerometers. Unlike conventional accelerometers, though, these devices use ultracold atoms to make very precise measurements using a laser optical ruler, which means they do not drift as rapidly as, say, the accelerometer in your phone. Navigating with accelerometers is well understood, but the issue is how often you have to correct your computed position with an actual reference due to drift and other error accumulation. You can see a Sky News report on the trial below.The tests were done in a rapid prototyping pod carried onboard XV Patrick Blackett, a fitting name for an experimental ship since Lord Blackett was a Nobel laureate and head of the physics department at Imperial College for a decade ending in 1963.The underlying tech came out of the university back in 2018, but making it work in a real-world environment onboard a ship is another matter. You probably won't have the cryonics and lasers needed for such a quantum compass anytime soon in your smartphone, but the tech could have civilian applications for larger vehicles.]
I don't like that description of the Heisenberg principle. It's kind of a bad science posture.
Quantum censors sounds like a waste of money.
Accelerometers sounds like a waste of money.
Laser optical ruler.
"Navigating with accelerometers is well understood, but the issue is how often you have to correct your computed position with an actual reference due to drift and other error accumulation."
That sounds like a used car salesman.
Quantum compass.
(June 8, 2023)

[The Central Asia region (CA) comprises the countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is a diverse region with a mix of upper middle and low income countries with major strategic importance due to their geographic location and natural resource endowments.]

I already don't agree with this list. There isn't an official list ever, it's different people have their own reasons for grouping countries. But, going with this list and adding some.

RAF 31

"EC to Provide Bulgaria with EUR 45 Mln for Further Implementation of Pilot Project for Asylum, Return Procedures"

"EC welcomes progress made in border control by Bulgaria and Romania"

["Greek Media: Bulgaria has requested Greek Aircraft to Protect its Skies" Bulgaria has requested Greek military planes to guard its airspace, claims the publication "Kathimerini". The publication notes that Bulgaria is the fourth Balkan country that wants Greek aviation to protect its skies. In an extensive report, the Greek media "Kathimerini" reports on negotiations within NATO between Sofia and Athens for the protection of Bulgarian airspace for three months. Sofia's request was discussed at a meeting of the Alliance and at the diplomatic level, the publication reports, citing a source from NATO headquarters. Bulgarian military aircraft are limited in number and their capacity cannot cover all security requirements, especially in a period of war in Ukraine, according to Greek comments. Bulgaria is expected to receive the first of the ordered new aircraft only in 2025, the publication notes.]

"Russian envoy outraged by Germany's speculations on destruction of Kakhovka dam"

"Russian forces destroy Ukrainian army's German-made air defense system's radar" "Germany delivered the first IRIS-T SLM system to Ukraine in October 2022"

["Wizz Air" boosts Samarkand-Abu Dhabi flight frequency]

[American generals were surprised when they had to present the award to the winner of the military competition "Best Warrior" in the USA. Namely, instead of giving the award to one of the numerous participants from the National Guard, the first place was won by a non-commissioned officer of the Serbian Army, Sergeant First Class Ivan Jeremic, writes "Politika".]

Notice that the EC is involved with the border issue.
Maybe the Germans make the border fence items.
It's another issue people really complain about, this border between Turkey and Bulgaria.
Maybe the EC is in charge of all that.
Maybe the EC manages border issues between Bulgaria and Turkey and Bulgaria and Romania.

This report about Greek and Bulgarian warplanes.
NATO seems really expensive.
Maybe some of this joint maneuver stuff makes inflation worse.
Also, it's foreigners policing.
Like in Kosovo they have NATO police walking around.

This is a mention of the Germans and how involved they are in Ukraine.
I guess German military experts have this and that opinion.
How weird it is about the German army and how active they are.

Here is a description of German hardware used in Ukraine.
Maybe the Germans build a lot of military hardware.
This one is an air defense system and radar.

Here are more flights in and out of Tashkent.
Warsaw and Tashkent and now Abu Dhabi.
It seems like it's because of German trade.

This is a fun story about the Serbian army.
I guess he won a contest.
(June 8, 2023)

RAF 30

"Lajcak: Three demands for Kurti" "Lajcak said last night that he and Escobar presented three clear demands to Albin Kurti."

"Uzbekistan and Korea to sign agreements for three new projects"

"EU countries may hammer out agreement on new anti-Russian sanctions on June 7 - newspaper"

"White House official refrains from commenting F-16's nuclear capability"

"Parliament Debates Motion to Terminate Bulgaria-US Defence Cooperation Agreement"

"Bulgaria joins the project for the construction of a submarine electric cable in the Black Sea"

"The Turkish Lira hit a New Record Low" "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who pursues an unconventional monetary policy, has appointed a new economy minister, Mehmet Simsek, whose task will be to stop the growth of inflation, which was 39.6 percent year-on-year in May, and get the Turkish economy back on track."

This is from the Bulgarian news.
I wonder what is this monetary policy?
It probably means they don't maintain trade standards.
There should be real questions about the Turkish economy.

The EC seems to be putting pressure on PM Kurti.

The EC is still at it with the sanctions.
Also, notice that the Turkish economy is doing what it's doing.
They seem to not relate the sanctions with inflation.

About the economy in Tashkent.
Now there are flights from Warsaw to Tashkent, and now economic deals with the Korean Peninsula.
That seems to evidence trade between the Gulf of Danzig and the Korean Peninsula.

This is maybe about the German navy in the Black Sea.
Remember sometimes Germany doesn't pay their NATO dues.
Maybe it's a glimpse of NATO and the ships in the Black Sea.
They're right wingers.

Notice the White House isn't commenting on something.
Maybe there are contractors in the Eisenhower Building.
They could be on a labor strike.
What if nobody in the White House knows anything about F-16s.
They're acting like they know and don't say.
Also, they might not know anything about the Ukraine conflict at all.
(June 7, 2023)

Do German miltary officers think tanks and ships are similar?
[Hipper's battlecruisers spotted the Battlecruiser Fleet to their west at 15:20, but Beatty's ships did not see the Germans to the east until 15:30. Two minutes later, Beatty ordered a course change to east-southeast, positioning the British ships to cut off the German's line of retreat, and signaled action stations.]
This is about the Royal Navy.
I'm not sure if the Russian navy, for example, has ship formations.
To the extent that they have a line of retreat.
Maybe the Germans essentially think of tank battles and naval battles as similar formations.
Russians probably don't think about retreating from the battle.
It seems German to have a ship formation such that there are contingencies.
(June 6, 2023)

"Over 75% of Bulgarians have Difficulty covering their Daily Expenses"

"Migrant Trafficking Ring Broken Up in North Macedonia"

"EU extends ban on Ukrainian grain imports in five member states"

"African countries push for early ceasefire in Ukraine - statement"

"West exerts efforts for humanitarian, military penetration into Central Asia - Lavrov"

"Major Polish airline launchs flights through Uzbekistan"

[Escobar: Even if Kurti doesn't want it, CSM will be formed US Special Envoy for Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar said in an interview with the Viennese daily Presse that Community of Serbian Municipalities must be formed He also said that the only question is whether Kosovo wants to wait for Euro-Atlantic integration until Prime Minister Albin Kurti fulfills his obligation. Escobar emphasized that "Kosovo must now move as a matter of urgency", and indicated that the establishment of the CSM is an international, legal, undertaken obligation. "It does not depend on him. It is not an issue between Kurti and Serbia. It is an issue between Kosovo and Serbia. Even if Kurti does not want it, the CSM will be formed," stressed Escobar when asked about the opposition of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to the formation of the CSM. He pointed out that the only question is whether Kosovo wants to wait for Euro-Atlantic integration until the prime minister fulfills his obligations. As he says, if Kosovo does not want a new Republika Srpska like in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then it must present its proposal of what it wants. "They told us what they don't want. Now they have to tell us what they want, that's what we're waiting for," said Escobar. Pristina's unwillingness to move on this issue, according to him, shows "an unwillingness to reconcile in its own country." "Our message to Kosovo and Serbia is - until both sides implement the important agreements from the normalization agreement, it is not time for 'business as usual,'" underlined Escobar. He also said that Serbia should send a clear message that it does not tolerate violence, both against the KFOR peacekeeping forces and the Kosovo Police.]

Lots of complaints today about PM Kurti.
The US Special Envoy seems to be blaming him in particular for some of the KFOR stuff.

The inflation is probably tied to the events in Ukraine.
I wish the EC would stop asking for sanctions.
They keep sending weapons to Ukraine.
These reports about the Bulgarian economy make you wonder about the EC.

The Turks might not be enforcing their side of the border with Bulgaria.
Lots of stories about that border in the news.

There are real questions about the competence of the Ukrainian government.
The Ukrainian grain deal is in the news.
Why do they have to export so much grain?
Can they stop importing weapons?
Can Zelensky stop flying to conferences?

Do the Germans test weapons in Africa?
Does the German navy use African ports?
There are reporting about Chinese money lending in Africa.

The Germans seem to trade a lot in Tashkent.
Maybe they have airbases in Tajikistan.
You wonder about this separatist movement in Karakalpakstan.
Maybe they are similar to the people in Xinjiang province.
Notice there are flights between Warsaw and Tashkent.

I wish you all could find a man, who reads the Chinese news every day and didn't care you all don't read literature. #London
The Virginians want to do Navy SEAL stuff all of the time.
I teach yoga and I read about Russia.

RAF 28

It becomes an effort that the British want to read as little as possible.
The Americans are looking for more things to read, and the British get mad they have to read more.
It's like smart and dumb people.

RAF 27
RAF 26
RAF 23
RAF 24
RAF 25
RAF 22

[Citizens at protests in three municipalities demand that the members of the so-called special police withdraw from the municipalities in the north of Kosovo and that the new mayors elected on April 23 in the elections that were boycotted by the Serbs, do not enter the municipal premises. They also demand the release of the Serbs arrested during the protest in Zvecan on May 29, when due to the forcible entry of Albanian mayors into the municipal buildings in the north, there was a conflict between Kosovo Police and KFOR members with citizens. On that occasion, more than 50 Serbs and over 20 members of the international peace mission were injured.]
This is from the Serbian news.
It seems like the KFOR are German allies.
Maybe the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases, etc.
(June 5, 2023)

"How to survive 42-degree heat in Uzbekistan" "The Ministry of Emergency Situations gave recommendations to the Uzbeks in connection with the impending 42-degree heat."
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe the Germans are aiming space weapons at Tashkent.
(June 5, 2023)

[MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will visit Tajikistan on June 5-6, where talks are scheduled with his Tajik counterpart Sirojiddin Muhriddin and President Emomali Rakhmon, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Sunday. "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will pay an official visit to Tajikistan on June 5-6," the ministry said. "His meeting with President Emomali Rahmon and talks with Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin are scheduled," it said.]
This is from the Russian news.
Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan.
Supposedly their language is similar to Farsi.
The theory is that the Germans have airbases in both Tehran and Dushanbe.
And then they send radio signals on the East Asia.
(June 5, 2023)

[Turkey begins deploying special operations battalion to Kosovo at NATO's request The Ministry of Defense of the Republic announced the deployment of a commandos battalion of the 65th mechanized infantry brigade in this region ANKARA, June 4. /TASS/. Turkey has begun to deploy a special operations battalion to Kosovo at NATO's request, Turkey's defense ministry said on Sunday. "A commandos battalion of the 65th mechanized infantry brigade <...> is being deployed to Kosovo," it said. The ministry said earlier that this unit would be billeted at the Sultan Murat barracks on June 4-5. The situation in the Leposavic, Zubin Potok, and Zvecan municipalities in northern Kosovo and Metohija escalated on May 26 after Kosovo law enforcement officers tried to seize local administration buildings to make it possible for the new mayors of these municipalities, who were elected despite nearly the entire Serb population boycotting the elections, take their offices. On May 29, the NATO-led international security force in Kosovo (KFOR) cordoned off the administrative buildings, clashing with the protesters. According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, fifty-two Serbs sought medical assistance in Kosovska Mitrovica. Three of them were badly wounded. Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said on May 29 that the Serbian army had been put on high alert following the escalation in Kosovo and Metohija and that army units had been deployed along the administrative border with Kosovo.]
This is from the Russian news.
Now infantrymen from the Turkish army are walking around Kosovo.
It speaks to the nature of NATO.
If NATO has right wingers in their leadership.
Recently there were reports about Italian and Hungarian infantrymen walking around Kosovo.
The complaint is how much this costs to send so many foreign soldiers as a group army.
And then the soldiers themselves come from fascist countries.
(June 5, 2023)

[Natural gas to become significantly cheaper in June Natural gas prices should drop by 15% as of June 1. This proposal was submitted to the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation by the executive director of Bulgargaz, Denitsa Zlateva. Initially, on May 11, it was discussed that the reduction would be 11%. At the regulator's open meeting, Zlateva argued that since the beginning of May, the price of the month-ahead market index in Europe has decreased by 14%, and it is expected to decrease further by the end of the month. The regulator will make the final decision on June 1, which is when the new prices will come into effect.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It seems like the Germans use the energy for their army.
It's weird about German energy imports.
Aren't they just going to send more tanks to Ukraine?
What do the Germans want to do with their energy imports?
(June 5, 2023)

The Red Army used to assist the PLA.
Now it's the German army instead of the Red Army that assists the PLA.
It's still the PLA, right?

"Police Detain 43 Illegal Migrants Near Sofia" "Police officers have detained 43 foreign nationals without documents travelling on a van near Sofia early Sunday, the Interior Ministry reported. The men, who were travelling in the cargo compartment, said they were Afghani nationals. Six of the migrants were taken to hospital. The driver and his companion, both Bulgarian nationals known to the law enforcement authorities, were detained for up to 24 hours on police warrants. The investigation on the case is ongoing."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice these immigrants are from Kabul.
Maybe this evidences the German navy at the ports in the Balkans.
Also, it's been suggested that the Turks don't enforce their side of the border with Bulgaria.
(June 5, 2023)

I have British proteges.
I want you to learn this sentence:
"We cannot know when Khrushchev learned that Mao was insane."
Because they had been sending China weapons.
And then the Chinese started to fire them at Russia.

This happens.
And when it happens it's a big deal.
But, what if the Russians think it's dumb to send energy to a belligerent army?
Can they cut off energy trading with the CCP?

[Bulgaria might File a Claim against Gazprom "The probability of Gazprom requesting and winning an arbitration case against Bulgaria has been minimized. We are thinking in the direction of filing claims against 'Gazprom'", acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov said on the National Television regarding the suspension of natural gas deliveries from Russia in 2022. "What is happening in other countries regarding the legal case is being carefully monitored and preparations are being made to move in this direction", he said. According to him, a lot of analysis must be done and a strong position must be built in order to have a chance to win. "Much work is planned with international law firms with a lot of experience in the field, who are currently monitoring and preparing a position for Bulgaria. I believe that within a month or two we will have a prepared position so that we can start arbitration", explained the minister. He added that it is too early to say what the value of Bulgaria's claim will be. Rosen Hristov stated that he is not worried about a possible revision in the Ministry of Energy by a regular government. "Not only am I not worried, I am even proud of what I have achieved, especially in such a short period of time. I believe that such a revision will be made so as to validate what I am saying. The results are obvious", added the minister, quoted by BTA.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
I guess the Russians stopped the natural gas to Bulgaria.
Do the Russians have to send energy to Berlin?
Won't the Germans just use it for their army?
Remember when the Russians cut off the natural gas to Ukraine?
I remember a long time ago they cut of the natural gas to London.
In Texas we read about that.
(June 5, 2023)

- If the Malaysians run their own missile tests
- If the Burmese build their own financial districts
- If the Indonesians manage their own flybys near Taipei
Don't the Germans give the PLAAF the warplanes?
The French build the banks.

The British do not, as I do, blame the Europeans.
The French economy.
The German economy.
That's remarkable about Washington, DC and London.
If there are things over here, like tattoos and illiteracy.
Doesn't that stuff come from Europe?
Do the British think stuff like that goes east to west across the Atlantic?
The Americans tell French people to get tattoos and stop reading?
It seems like it comes from Europe about what's going on in Australia.

RAF 21

William needs to reactivate.
Hopefully Kate Middleton can have more kids and then they can move to the Phoenix suburbs. #London

"Formidable Shield 2023 was hosted in the Outer Hebrides, in Scotland, and brought together aircraft, naval ships and more than 4,000 military personnel from 13 Nato nations. Petty Officer Cameron McDonnell controlled the Sea Viper missile fired from Defender against the highly-manoeuvrable drone - Bruiser 9384 - which travels hundreds of miles an hour."
I am opposed maybe to anti-drone tests.
I think about tanks and anti-tanks.
Missiles and anti-missiles.
Terror and counterterror.
Some of that is a waste of money.
Maybe some of this is a political solution.
Don't the Turks make the drones to begin with?
(June 4, 2023)

RAF 20
RAF 19

[THE Royal Navy's 1BN warship destroyed a jet drone during the world's largest test of naval and missile defences. HMS Defender blasted it out of the sky during tests with an armada of battleships alongside 13 NATO and partner nations. HMS Defender was deployed to Scotland's Outer Hebrides for the war games to test missiles, systems, sensors and software against ballistic, subsonic and supersonic targets, Petty Officer Cameron McDonnell controls the Sea Viper missile -which travels at three times the speed of sound.]

[Its builder Babcock will deliver the first-in-class vessel to the UK MoD later in 2025. Defence Procurement Minister James Cartlidge confirmed the dates in a recent response to a Parliamentary Question. Venturer is scheduled to enter service with the RN two years after its delivery in 2027.]

Notice the RN is testing stuff within NATO.
I wish the RN would be thought of as separate from other navies.
Maybe like Scottish people think the RN isn't distinct?
It offends my religion even.
The RN is supposed to be either Roman Catholic or Protestants.
It's a theological navy.
Maybe the MPs are like Belgian immigrants and they are alright the RN tests stuff alongside the Belgian navy.
This second one.
Who knows if these same people build German navy ships.
(June 3, 2023)

RAF 18

This is me talking about the German navy and the ports near Cape Town. 6-3-23

"A meeting of foreign ministers of the Brics group of nations in South Africa has called for a rebalancing of the global order away from Western nations. South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor said the group's vision was to provide global leadership in a world fractured by geopolitical tension, inequality and global insecurity. Brics is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa."
This is from the BBC.
It seems like the German navy uses the ports near Cape Town.
They leave Lubeck and pass by Dublin and Cape Toward on their way to Jakarta.
Why does the RN let the Germans use those ports?
(June 3, 2023)

RAF 17

"Welcome to the new world older. Families sleeping in a car in the southwest, no home no jobs no peace no rest...searching for the ghost of Tom Joad..."

Today's RN joke:
MI5 wants to rescue the endangered F-35 because they want to save the RN.

"Twitter's top safety chief resigns amid criticism" "Popular social media giant Twitter's head of trust and safety submitted her resignation on Thursday, she told Reuters, as the company has been under fire for its lack of protections against harmful content since billionaire Elon Musk's acquisition. Irwin, who joined Twitter in June 2022, took over as head of the trust and safety team in November when the previous head Yoel Roth resigned. She oversaw content moderation."
This is from the Turkish news.
Conceptually army computers.
What the Germans and the Turks.
The capabilities those armies have with their computers.
Can they manipulate elections, etc?
German and Turk cyberwarfare capabilities.
(June 3, 2023)

The RN and Canberra.
Maybe the British have so many kids that Canberra is belligerent.
Conceptually what are ASEAN's grievances against the RN and Canberra?
Kate has three kids, Pippa has three kids, Vogue has three kids, Victoria has four kids, Coleen has four kids. It's kind of an image of Australia and religious weirdos and their kids. In London the women have four and five or more kids.
What then is the role of the RN in the South China Sea?

"Turkish support in Germany for Erdogan fuels integration debate" "Strong backing for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan among Turks in Germany in last weekend's historic election has sparked renewed soul-searching about whether Berlin's attempts to integrate the minority are failing. There were scenes of jubilation in some German cities after Erdogan extended his two decade rule in Sunday's runoff vote, with cars decked out with flags driving through the streets and honking. Germany -- home to the world's biggest Turkish community overseas -- had about 1.5 million registered voters in the polls, and Erdogan received some 67 percent of votes cast. That is far above the 52 percent share of the vote Turkey's longest-serving leader garnered at home, where he had to overcome strong competition from secular challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu."
This is from the German news.
It's about how Ankara and Berlin relate.
I wish their armies didn't work together so much.
It seems like the German army and the Turkish army work together a lot.
(June 3, 2023)

"I don't speak Russian either."
I'm a White Russian in my politics. I oppose Prussia. I really don't like Prussia.
I think everyone should speak Russian.
I meet people from Serbia even I think they're idiots because they don't speak Russian.
The Bulgarians always speak Russian.

What if the Turks do get too right winger?
Then can the SAPO continue to work with them?
[Erdogan backs Kurdish Islamist party - and women pay the price Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's alliance with Huda-Par, a hardline Kurdish Islamist party with a shadowy past, for the 2023 vote sparked howls of condemnations. It was part of a strategy to win the Kurdish vote, but women fear that they will pay the price.]
This is from France24.
Notice there are right wingers in Ankara.
Maybe it means the Turkish army has right wingers.
The Turkish army maybe should scale back.
They cross the border into Syria.
Also, maybe then the SAPO can limit some of what it does with the Turks.
(June 3, 2023)

I went to Saint Petersburg in 2004 and I spent my senior year of college at the Russian chemistry faculty. I was grateful to be there. Austin is my hometown. Remarkably who ends up at UT. Any school about the admissions policies. I was grateful the Russians accepted me at the faculty because it was a prestigious school. I got all As and one B. I am thoughtful about do I have any regrets about what I did or didn't do while I was there. I have a list, if I went back I have another whole list of what all I would do. Because it's where the tsars lived and Pushkin. And so for example I went to Dostoevsky's apartment. And then I would have taken the Pushkin literature tour. I would have visited the Hermitage and saw this exhibit. I went to my classes always but then I was out every minute seeing the city. When I left I thought I had done everything but now I realize what I would like to do if I went back. More stuff like that.
The Russian navy.
They wear wool blue coats on the metro. I saw them walking and I saw them on the train.

We read a lot here in Washington, DC about Turkish-made drones and now the RN is installing new drones on their carriers. Probably these are the drones we've been reading about.

President Vucic met with FM Billstrom in April.
Sweden was the rotating EC president.
And FM Billstrom wanted to talk about sanctions.
He said that the SAPO does economic sanctions.
And then remember the embassies on the Baltic Sea.
The SAPO told all of these Russian embassies they were improperly using the buildings.
And so I began to read about the SAPO.
It's this image of FM Billstrom in with all of the surveillance guys.
Maybe he wants to work for a defense firm.
In Washington, DC we have sanctions people.
They work for the treasury department.
That building is beside the White House.
Office Of Foreign Assets Control 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
I have met them.
Yesterday the Russians reported about the German police.
They are investigating the Nord Stream leak.
It seems obvious that the German navy is to blame.
Lubeck was an East German port.
It's because the German navy has right wingers and they use Polish ports.
I think the German navy did it.
And the SAPO and the Germans are blaming other people.
Now I am reading about drones on British carriers.
Maybe the SAPO and the Turks, somehow they use the same drones.
Conceptually right winger surveillance stuff.
The financial surveillance people in Sweden.
The drones on the British ships.
We read about Turkish and Iranian drones.
And so the SAPO uses Turkish drones.
And the RN uses Turkish drones.
And the German police uses surveillance stuff.

Hahahahah. The RAF is in this documentary about Jimmy Hoffa and Detroit.

RAF 16

What if the Turks do make the RN drones? The British are alright to use them?
I am opposed generally to drones.
Conceptually the space army.
Maybe all drones are bad?
Conceptually digital waste.
That's kind of funny if the RN thinks its digital items aren't waste.
Like a Scottish humor quip.
We keep reading how the Turks and Iranians make drones.

[UK Royal Navy Planning Mojave Carrier Flight Trials LONDON—General Atomics has secured a £1.5 million ($1.9 million) contract that could lead to its Mojave short-take-off and landing uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) performing a flight from the UK’s HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier. The U.S. OEM secured the single-source Project Mojave contract from the UK defense ministry to “demonstrate a threshold capability for a Short Take off and Landing Uncrewed Air Vehicle.” Details of the contract emerged in a transparency notice issued by the department on May 20 to advise of the award’s single-source nature. The work is expected to involve flight trials of the Mojave platform, a derivative of the company’s MQ-1C Gray Eagle platform designed for STOL operations from unprepared strips from the aircraft carrier later this year once repair work on the warship has been completed. The trials and experiments are expected to inform the Royal Navy’s ongoing Future Maritime Aviation Force efforts, which aim to bring more UAS platforms onboard the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers to support the crewed F-35 and rotary-wing fleets operating onboard. General Atomics began flight testing the Mojave UAS in July 2021 to prove the validity of a long-endurance UAS that is capable of either STOL operations on a surveillance mission or taking off with up to 16 Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire missiles on a strike mission. Although produced on MQ-1C tooling, the Mojave is a different aircraft, featuring a 67% leap in payload capacity over the extended-range Gray Eagle. The additional payload is generated by shifting propulsion to a Rolls-Royce M250 turboshaft engine, which doubles the power, and the addition of a dihedral, high-lift wing design that includes leading-edge slats and double-slotted flaps. The aircraft also features strengthened landing gear and flotation tires to operate on landing strips instead of runways. The company said when the Mojave was unveiled that simulations suggested it could operate from carrier decks. The Mojave development aircraft was displayed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth last year when it arrived in New York for the Atlantic Future Forum. Earlier this month, General Atomics revealed it was proposing equipping the MQ-9B platform with a folding wing developed from the Mojave platform, potentially enabling the UK’s future MQ-9B Protector fleet to be adapted for carrier operations.]

[Upgraded Royal Navy aircraft carriers could soon launch drones Navy outlines its ‘future maritime vision’ by exploring new ways of sending unmanned aircraft off the ships’ flight The Royal Navy plans to adapt aircraft carriers to launch drones as part of its “future maritime vision”. The Navy confirmed it was looking at how it can introduce a new way of sending aircraft off the flight decks of both aircraft carriers, rather than relying on the ramp for jets to take off. The new aircraft launch and recovery systems would “open up” the flight deck to a broader range of aircrafts and drones. The Telegraph understands that the reason to explore the new ramp is “part of the Navy’s future maritime vision” that shows a shift away from relying on fighter jets. Currently, both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are fitted for F-35s. However, a Navy source explained that the “challenge is to get an aeroplane in the sky”, which is where the aircraft’s ramp is used. Because of the aircraft’s weight when loaded with ordinance, it makes landing vertically too difficult there as it is too heavy. So they drop their ordinance before they land, which is wasteful. “In future, drones will move heavy items and that’s what we are moving towards,” they said. Colonel Phil Kelly, the head of carrier strike and maritime aviation within the Royal Navy’s Develop Directorate, said: “We are looking to move from short take-off and landing, then to short take-off but arrested recovery, and then to [catapult assisted] take-off but arrested recovery. “We are looking at a demonstrable progression that spreads out the financial cost and incrementally improves capability.” The first step would be to increase the available length for the unassisted launch of drones. Col Kelly added: “This November, we will [launch] a Mojave aircraft off the angle of the flight deck off the US east coast. “This aircraft can take off in 300ft of runway so enough for the trial [but] we have already undertaken design work to add sponsons and make a full run of 700ft available.” He said that a final step would be to add catapults that “would allow us to operate the heaviest aircraft you can imagine”. Currently, HMS Queen Elizabeth’s flight deck has a 12.5 degree ski-ramp fitted forward, which is specifically designed for an F-35. Joint testing with the US The retrofit arrestor gear and assisted launch equipment will be part of a broader Future Maritime Aviation Force vision, a multi-strand programme exploring the widespread fielding of uncrewed aviation across the surface fleet, with a specific focus on future carrier aviation. The Navy source added that it was evolving and “recognising that drones don’t need to take off the ramp”. They said: “The future isn’t just F-35s, and so the aircraft carriers need to look for new capabilities in partnership with that. It will be more like a traditional aeroplane flying on a runway.” They added that some initiatives that are being tested with the US are proving jets can get a rolling landing on the carriers, “not vertically”. “If the Navy can do it with F-35s, then we don’t just have to use F-35s, we could use other American aircrafts like F-18s,” they said.]

RAF 15

This is me talking about Al Capone born 1899, New York City. 6-2-23

RAF 12 RAF 13 RAF 14

This is me talking about 'The Irishman' (2019). 6-2-23

Chișinău (/ˌkɪʃɪˈnaʊ/ KISH-in-OW, US also /ˌkiːʃiːˈnaʊ/ KEE-shee-NOW; Romanian

["I also spoke with the Italian Prime Minister, I spoke for a long time with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.]

[I could elaborate about those efforts if I had more time. About how crucial it is to sign up to the register of damage we established in Reykjavik at the Council of Europe Summit. About the need for even more countries to speak out against Russia's war of aggression - countries in Africa, for example.]

Notice here how the Dutch PM is mentioning Africa. Probably because the Germans use the ports in East Africa and they test weapons in the Libyan desert.
(June 2, 2023)

This is me talking about President Vucic and the meeting in Moldova. 6-2-23

RAF 11
RAF 10

Vučić from Chişinău: "Serbia is an independent country that makes its own decisions" Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke from the capital of Moldova, Chişinău: ''I shake hands with a man who does not recognize the independence of Kosovo''. Pristina and Belgrade are the main topic of the meeting in the Moldovan capital. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as well as Vjosa Osmani spoke at the meeting. The President said from Chisinau that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija became the main topic of the summit, in addition to the situation in Ukraine. "Prishtina refused to meet with the Serbian delegation, although we always want a conversation. It seems to me that it is increasingly clear who is responsible for the problems in Kosovo," said Vučić. Vučić points out that he had a good conversation with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Austrian Prime Minister, representatives of Montenegro and North Macedonia. "I also spoke with the Italian Prime Minister, I spoke for a long time with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. I spoke with many important people, and everyone's main topic, along with energy and economic progress, is the situation in Kosovo and Metohija," said Vučić. He says that countries from the Open Balkans initiative will seek greater access to EU funds. "There is a big difference, I understand that we are not an EU country, but that difference must be reduced, so that we can reach those countries faster. It is an important topic for the summit in June. What I would say is very important is that I sent an invitation to all countries, and the EU leadership, and EC representatives, that after Granada and London, one of the next two meetings should be held in Belgrade. That would probably be the biggest summit and a kind of crown of our efforts," said Vučić and added: "I expect to see Scholtz and Macron here, and in Belgrade in the next month we will have countless visits, Morawiecki, the Benelux troika, the Slovenian president... there will be plenty of them, I also expect a new meeting of the Open Balkans, we will have to work even harder to preserve the interests of Serbia". President Vučić pointed out that he spoke briefly with Volodymyr Zelensky and added that Ukraine did not recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija. "We had a fair conversation, but the decision on sanctions is made by the citizens of Serbia, through their leadership, and we made our decision in March 2022, and gave our position. And you can never change your position with one conversation. Serbia has its own policy, Serbia is an independent country, and Serbia respects its interests," said Vučić. Vučić did not say whether Zelensky objected to the principled policy of Serbia regarding the introduction of sanctions against Russia. "You always ask the question as if we have to justify ourselves to someone. Why, because we conduct our policy in the interest of our country? We will continue to do so," said Vučić. He also answered the German journalist that this summit is important because of many issues, but also because of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija. "In an hour or two I will have a big meeting with Scholtz, Macron and Borrell. We will do everything we can to de-escalate the situation. We are working to calm the situation and avoid provocations in the future," said Vučić. The president says he can't talk about a "roadmap" because the other side always disrupts all plans. President Vučić also said that he wanted to talk to Vjosa Osmani, but that she refused. "We want talks, I wanted to talk with Vjosa Osmani, but she refused. What's wrong with dialogue, compromise? We're not surprised by that. It's about the stability and future of the whole of Europe, not just our region," Vučić said. Vučić asked if in the history of elections in the world there was any election that was legitimate and democratic, and that the turnout was 3 percent. "Then they caused tensions, and they insist on implementing these fake elections. Everyone insists on it, not only us. It's a shame for European democracy, not only for us but for everyone. Everyone understood what was happening," said Vučić. The president says he spoke separately with Macron and Scholz, and that a big meeting will follow soon. He then told foreign journalists that he had discussed the territorial integrity of Serbia and Ukraine with Zelensky. "I cannot reveal more about it," Vucic said. The President pointed out, about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, that it is not a matter of pressure but of a solution. "Imagine, now they jumped that I spoke with Zelensky. So what, if I don't meet with a man who doesn't recognize the Republic of Kosovo. Everyone wants Serbia to act extremist, without recognizing its interests. If I am the only one to defend our interests, I will be the only one to do that. Shouldn't I extend my hand to a man who doesn't recognize Kosovo?" he said. Vučić said that tomorrow is the parliamentary session in Priština, in order to emphasize their anti-Serb position even more strongly. "Today they had a meeting in Mitrovica, a senseless and stupid meeting, I don't understand why they are doing it. Maybe they think they are doing well in the international community. I will see Scholtz and Macron here today, and I expect Mateusz Morawiecki in Belgrade soon. I also expect the trio Benelux in Belgrade, the Indian president, the Slovenian president. In the next month, we will have countless visits to Belgrade, there will be quite a few of them," said the president. He points out that we will have to work much harder and harder for the interests of Serbia. "I am waiting for an important meeting, so then I will talk about the expectations of the great powers," said Vučić. The president told foreign journalists that the real question is how to de-escalate the situation. "That is number one, I will talk about it with Macron and Scholz. The second issue is how to avoid provocations in the future. And number three is the formation of the CSM, which was agreed upon 10 years ago, but has not been implemented. It is very simple, and I think that we all agree on that. People now have a real picture of what is happening in the Balkans, regardless of who recognized and who did not recognize Kosovo and Metohija. We were always labeled as the culprits, but I think now everyone sees that things are not that simple," he said. Vučić points out that he does not want to talk about time frames, because it is necessary to find a long-term solution. "We don't need good wishes, but for people in the Balkans to understand that compromise is not a bad word. Everyone is radicalized, even in your countries. We must find compromise solutions," said the president. He says that the countries of the Western Balkans have asked for more energy aid, but he is not sure that it will happen. "We have money and reserves, citizens do not need to worry. If things remain like this, we will not need a new electricity price increase, which was agreed with the IMF. We will not allow that we create an opportunity for others to attract investors due to lower energy prices This is what gives Serbia an advantage over all others in the Balkans," President Vučić concluded his address.

["Hungary is at war with Russia?" Orban reacted immediately Hungary under the current government will never go to war against Russia, nor will it allow itself to be dragged into the Ukrainian conflict, Viktor Orban said.]
This is from the Serbian news.
Maybe the Germans have airbases in Budapest.
(June 2, 2023)

The British seem to ignore, or don't care that the Windsors are Germans. They walk the streets of London, and Charles and Camilla are in the palaces. William and Kate are attending weddings.
I guess the Parliament thinks all of this is fine. I think the MPs are m@nkeys.

[MOSCOW, June 1. /TASS/. There can be no talk about another extension of the Black Sea Initiative after July 17 until the problem around Russian ammonia is resolved, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said in a commentary distributed on Thursday.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's about the incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
They kind of ask for weapons and attend conferences.
It seems like it's a government of defense firms.
(June 2, 2023)

[Germany on trail of Ukrainian involved in Nord Stream blowup - newspaper Investigators tracked him down because he presented a Romanian passport when renting the yacht BERLIN, June 1. /TASS/. A Ukrainian serviceman could have been among the possible participants in the sabotage act at the Nord Stream gas pipelines but there is no confirmation that the authorities in Kiev were aware of this, the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said on Thursday, citing its sources in investigative circles. "According to the investigation by the newspaper, which is confirmed by the findings of investigators, a 26 year-old Ukrainian serviceman from a town southeast of Kiev may have been one of the crewmembers of the Andromeda yacht [which might have been used to deliver explosives - TASS]. Investigators tracked him down because he presented a Romanian passport when renting the yacht," the newspaper said.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the Germans are investigating an incident in the Baltic Sea.
Maybe this is the surveillance capability that FM Billstrom was talking about.
(June 2, 2023)

[Kostadin Todorov Kostadinov is a Bulgarian politician. He is the chairman of the ultranationalist Revival party. Kostadinov is known for his anti-NATO stances, as well as for his anti-migrant and anti-Macedonian views.]

[Quite expectedly, the published information provoked sharp reactions on the part of political leaders, the most extreme of which was that of the leader of Vazrazhdane party Kostadin Kostadinov, according to whom the coalition "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) should be banned and its leaders imprisoned for treason.]

This is the Bulgarian news.
The Communists are being accused of improper activity.
It's because they work with the EC so much.
(June 2, 2023)

"Bulgaria Elected to WTO Executive Council for Four Years" "Bulgaria has been elected as member of the WTO Executive Council for four years until 2027. Bulgaria fills in one of the vacant positions for the region of Europe on the WTO Executive Council. During the initial voting Bulgaria was among the five countries with the highest number of points, 19, together with Azerbaijan each. The election went into a second round in which Bulgaria received 24 votes against 14 points for Azerbaijan, the Ministry said. The new members of the Executive Council which were elected Bulgaria, Czechia, Italy and Lithuania."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the WTO members are Communists.
It might cause inflation to trade internationally so much.
(June 2, 2023)

Thank goodness the WCC-DB members are so abundant in the parliament and they're so close with the EC.

[Bulgaria: 17 MPs were Reprimanded for yesterday's Fight in the Plenary Hall For the fight yesterday in the plenary hall, the Speaker of the Parliament Rosen Zhelyazkov announced that 17 MPs had been punished: "We witnessed this mass fight yesterday - as our western neighbors say - 'tepachka' - that's how we can describe it. A part may have been in defense mode. I am punishing 17 people with a reprimand," said Rosen Zhelyazkov - chairman of the National Assembly. The scandal started after "Vazrazhdane" called WCC-DB "representatives of the embassies", while WCC-DB called "Vazrazhdane" an "extreme populist pro-Russian party". The rest of the qualifiers were insulting and escalated into a confrontation. And the result - broken glasses and a bruised cheek.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice the accusations.
Bulgaria's reformist We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) coalition
"..including to be an alternative to the current government..."
Essentially the communists are being told they are too close to the EC.
The Bulgarian nationals are being told they're too close to Moscow.
(June 2, 2023)

Here in Washington, DC sometimes our cell phones stop working briefly.
This particular technology I'm not convinced will work to solve the problem of signal disruptions on the ships.
I might be opposed to these tests.

"The UK Royal Navy (RN) has announced its collaboration with the Imperial College London to test and experiment navigation systems for naval vessels. [...] Working of this sensor is different from conventional navigation systems that mainly depend on global satellite systems, including GPS, which leverages signals via satellites orbiting the earth." "Many navigation systems today rely on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), such as GPS, which uses signals from satellites orbiting the Earth. However, GPS navigation is not always accessible, obstacles like tall buildings can easily block the satellite signals, and they are also susceptible to jamming, imitation, or denial, thereby preventing accurate navigation. It has been estimated that a single day of satellite service denial would incur a cost of 1 billion pound to the UK."

OK, this one is about the Royal Navy.
It's about GPS which means global positioning systems.
I guess they like don't like the satellites to position the ships.
Because the signals get fouled up.
It says even tall buildings can foul up the GPS.
And then navigation on the ships gets fouled up.
Even near a city or a tall building, it's not accurate enough about the navigation.
It cuts out or something.
They are testing a different kind of sensor.
That doesn't use satellites orbiting the earth.

What do I think about this?
I wonder about different solutions to the problem.
If the signals are being jammed.
Conceptually, if there is a problem how to solve it.
Is this the best solution if the ships are losing the signal?
(June 1, 2023)


This is me talking about Albin Kurti. 6-1-23


I think Kurti is guilty of ignoring elections standards stuff. The voter turnout was so low, it seems crazy he expected the winners to show up to work like normal.

[Washington is furious with Pristina: "You will bear the consequences" The US Ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill, said that Pristina will bear the consequences because it did not listen to the advice of the United States. Hill added that this will affect relations with Washington, but that he is not familiar with all the details either. He told reporters in Belgrade and added that progress must be made in the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, the formation of the CSM and the continuation of the dialogue. "Our Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has made it clear that he opposes any moves Kurti has made that are contrary to all the advice we've been giving and Blinken has said there will be consequences. We must try not to lose our compass and direction, and it is the formation of the CSM, the normalization of relations. It is necessary for the Balkan region to be reconciled and to continue in the direction of the EU and Euro-Atlantic integrations," Hill said. He added that the previous days were very difficult in many ways, and that United States of America regretted all the attacks on KFOR and NATO soldiers and it should not happen again.]

This is from the Serbian news.
Notice the State Department is blaming Kurti.
- He seems to insist that the election results from April 23 are upheld.
- The elections had a low turnout and Serbians weren't on the ballots.
- It seemed like at the time the election results should have been thrown out.
- But he went ahead with them anyway.
- And these people showed up to work in the city buildings.
- As though everyone agreed the election had been legitimate.
- Kurti seemed to want to uphold, not acceptable elections.
(June 1, 2023)

Does the RAF need assistance from the agency today?

- The assumption is that the security alliances allow for a means to send military items abroad.
- Also, that the Germans sail past Cape Town to Jakarta.
- It's new that the South Africans, the extent to which they are friendly with the German navy.

[CAPE TOWN, June 1. /TASS/. A meeting of foreign ministers from BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) opens under the presidency of South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor in Cape Town on Thursday. A priority task for the BRICS foreign ministers' meeting is to promote the movement toward multipolarity and a new architecture of security, a spokesman for the South African foreign ministry told TASS. He recalled that South African President Cyril Ramaposa sees it as his task to create a wide front to reform the system of international organizations in order to expand the representation of points of view on the ways of the further global development alternative to the West.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's about the German navy near Cape Town.
I once met a man from South Africa in Arlington.
He was married to a Chinese woman.
He and his wife were standing in front of me in this yoga studio.
I am thoughtful if the Germans use those ports in South Africa.
(June 1, 2023)


[CHISINAU, June 1. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky arrived on Thursday at the European Political Community summit in Moldova, according to Moldovan TV live broadcast. The state news agency Moldpres reported that the Ukrainian leader was the first head of state to arrive at the Mimi Castle in Bulboaca, not far away from Chisinau, where the high-level summit will take place. Zelensky confirmed his participation in the summit in a Telegram post. "Working in Moldova today. Taking part in the European Political Community summit," he said, adding that there would be "many bilateral meetings." According to him, the sides will discuss "a coalition of fighters, a coalition of Patriots, the EU, NATO, [Zelensky's] peace formula." Zelensky arrived in Odessa on Wednesday evening. The distance between the Ukrainian town and the Moldovan capital is 195 kilometers. The European Political Community was created by the European Union on the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron. This platform is intended for political coordination of European countries across the continent and a closer dialogue with partners outside the EU, including Kiev and Chisinau.]
This is from the Russian news.
It is an example of the incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
They kind of just ask for weapons and attend conferences.
Zelensky attends every conference on earth, it seems.
Do security alliances mean send weapons to Ukraine?
Do they mean send weapons to East Asia?
(June 1, 2023)

I prefer Ottawa to Canberra.
MI5 and MI6 don't seem to have interests in the research projects I want to do. They kind of just want to talk about China and Southeast Asia.
There are Canadians on the hockey team.
I think the British rather talk about Canberra than Ottawa.

"Natural gas prices should drop by 15% as of June 1. This proposal was submitted to the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation by the executive director of Bulgargaz, Denitsa Zlateva."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans take too much energy.
They use it for their army.
Energy politics in the Balkans.
Maybe if you assist the EC then you get better energy prices.
(June 1, 2023)

[PM Kovachevski: High Time for Decision that Will Ensure North Macedonia's EU Integration French President Emmanuel Macron's message is very clear, he expressed his strong support that now is the time for North Macedonia to take the necessary decisions that will secure the European integration and the European future of the country, said North Macedonia's Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with Channel 5 after the end of the GLOBSEC 2023 forum, held in Bratislava. In Bratislava, Kovachevski also met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. They both stressed the importance of taking the necessary decisions that are important for the process of Skopje's European integration.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
I wish the EU would stop expanding.
Maybe the EC wants to sell weapons to East Asia.
The security alliances and stuff.
It's as if they want Macedonia to join so they can use the ports in the Balkans.
(June 1, 2023)

Conceptually the nature of the Royal Navy and the RAF.
- Are these guys German immigrants?
- Are they alright with the weird stuff in Xinjiang province?
- Are they alright to work with the German navy and the Luftwaffe?


It's our fault the British don't think PLAAF planes look like Luftwaffe planes?
I think North Korean missiles look like German missiles.
The Germans send them the stuff.
[King Charles III has presented a special honour to over 150 members of the Royal Navy who took part in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. His Majesty bestowed the Royal Victorian Order on service personnel who took part in the funeral processions for Queen Elizabeth in September 2022.]
This is about the Windsors and Charles III.
I think they're Prussians.
I don't want the army or the navy doing stuff for the Windsors.
What if the people don't like the Windsors?
And then they don't like the army.
I'm an American.
I don't want the Royal Navy mixing too much with Charles III or William.
Don't they themselves say they're Germans?
And then there is confusion in the Pacific about the German navy.
Argument from the British about the PLAAF.
The Americans know which planes are which.
The Germans send the PLAAF the planes.
(May 31, 2023)

My whole life, when I walk, everyone listens.
The British, it's as though they forget what I say.
I think it's because the women have so many babies that they don't talk about anything.

A British man will watch his wife give birth five or more times, and she'll spend her life talking about babies. That's how far to the right the British Army and the Royal Navy are.

[NATO could start a war in Serbia because of the failure in Ukraine? The United States of America could start a war in the Balkans in order to destabilize the situation in Europe, writes the newspaper "Global Times". "Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict did not bring the desired effect for the US, Washington must create a new war on the European continent," Chinese military expert Song Zhongping believes. According to him, the United States of America hopes to destroy the European economy and increase the European Union's dependence on the United States. At the same time, the expert adds that Serbia's sovereignty and national security are not NATO's priority. "However, since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has taken away a lot of energy and resources from the United States of America, they will probably consider the deepening of the rift between Serbia and Kosovo as an opportunity that they could take advantage of," the expert said. NATO, on the one hand, is calling for calming the tension, and on the other hand, it is increasing its military presence. NATO seems to be buying time to arm Kosovo. It's clear from past wars that the US is pretty good at pretending to be fair in stopping fighting while helping one side, buying time for those it supports by calling for a ceasefire. The promises of NATO and other Western countries about the protection of Serbs in Kosovo simply cannot be fulfilled. An article in the "Financial Times" states that the West's attempt to heal the division between Serbia and Kosovo is doomed to failure. The ultimate goal of the White House is for both Europe and Russia to suffer losses, which would allow Washington to maintain its hegemony, the expert concluded.]
This is from the Serbian news.
Holistically how NATO has fascist members.
And the same defense firms work in both Ukraine and Kosovo.
The extent to which the Germans want to fight for Ukraine and these ports in the Balkans.
And the British have been helping them.
(May 31, 2023)

"Uzbekistan exports mung bean to 23 countries"
This is from the Tashkent news.
It's a sign of German trade.
Because they want everyone exporting food.
(May 31, 2023)

[Medvedev says British officials can be viewed as Russia's legitimate military targets Earlier, Great Britain's top diplomat justified the drone attacks on Moscow, saying that Ukraine had the right to attack targets on Russian territory for self-defense MOSCOW, May 31. /TASS/. London is, in fact, waging an undeclared war on Moscow, which means that any British official can be viewed as a legitimate military target, the deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Wednesday. "Today, Great Britain is acting as an ally of Ukraine, by providing it with equipment and personnel as military assistance, that is de facto waging an undeclared war against Russia. Therefore, any of its [the UK's] officials, both military and civilian ones, who are making a contribution to the war effort, can be viewed as a legitimate military target," Medvedev wrote on Twitter, commenting on a remark by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly . On Tuesday, Great Britain's top diplomat justified the drone attacks on Moscow, saying that Ukraine had the right to attack targets on Russian territory for self-defense. "Foolish officials in the UK, our eternal enemy, should remember that under universally recognized international law governing the conduct of war in modern conditions, including the Hague and Geneva Conventions with their additional protocols, their situation can also be qualified as being at war," the Russian politician warned.]
The British have a lot of right wingers in their army and navy.
The men like to travel to China.
Maybe there are a lot of British defense contracts in East Asia.
The Germans seem to use the ports in Scotland and Manchester.
(May 31, 2023)

The German navy and NATO is a fascist navy and they give the PLA weapons.
The NATO troops in the Balkans are from fascist countries.

[BELGRADE, May 31. /TASS/. The authorities of the unrecognized Kosovo are trying to occupy the north of Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said on Wednesday. "The security situation is extremely difficult due to Pristina's unilateral, illegal, illegitimate decisions, and, above all, [due to the attempt], let's call it as it is <...>, to occupy the north of Kosovo and Metohija by the Albanian administration of Pristina," Vucevic said. The top military official recalled that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had repeatedly warned the international and the Serbian communities that Pristina's unilateral actions may lead to the worst-case scenario, and "unfortunately, this is what has happened." Vucevic pointed out that the path of Prime Minister of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti "leads to escalation, conflicts, injuries, shootings and everything we've seen." The situation in the Leposavic, Zubin Potok, and Zvecan municipalities in northern Kosovo and Metohija escalated on May 26 after Kosovo law enforcement officers tried to seize local administration buildings to make it possible for the new mayors of these municipalities, who were elected despite nearly the entire Serb population boycotting the elections, take their offices. On May 29, the NATO-led international security force in Kosovo (KFOR) cordoned off the administrative buildings, clashing with the protesters. According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, fifty-two Serbs sought medical assistance in Kosovska Mitrovica. Three of them were badly wounded. The KFOR said that forty of its troops - servicemen from the Italian and Hungarian contingents - were wounded. Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said on Monday that the Serbian army had been put on high alert following the escalation in Kosovo and Metohija and that army units had been deployed along the administrative border with Kosovo.]
This is from the Russian news.
It seems like these NATO troops are from fascist countries.
And they and wanting to serve as the police in Kosovo.
(May 31, 2023)

"EU to try to persuade Bulgaria to produce ammunition for Ukraine"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe this is unconstitutional.
To send weapons away.
There is inflation already.
Also energy concerns.
(May 31, 2023)

"Foreign Ministry: Bulgaria Strongly Condemns Violence against NATO Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo"
This is about Belgrade.
The NATO soldiers are from fascist countries.
Italians and Hungary.
It's as though right wing solders are walking around Kosovo.
(May 31, 2023)

[Blinken: Now is the Time for Sweden to join NATO Now is the time for NATO members to finalize Sweden's accession to the alliance, said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a visit to Sweden and other Scandinavian countries yesterday, quoted by Reuters. At a news conference in the northern Swedish city, Lulea Blinken noted that Sweden had taken remarkable steps in response to security concerns raised by NATO member Turkey and had repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to the alliance. "We think now is the time and there is no reason not to move forward," the secretary of state said. He rejected the suggestion that Turkey's agreement to Sweden joining the alliance could be linked to the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Ankara, although Joe Biden hinted at such a link. Earlier in the day, Turkey called on Sweden to prosecute those responsible for projecting the flag of a banned group onto the Swedish parliament building on the day Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a runoff in the presidential election.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's about the Swedish counterterrorism law.
And warplanes and Ankara.
Maybe we should do more to monitor the Turkish air force.
They could be right wingers.
(May 31, 2023)

[Hovenier: The need for de-escalation, mayors not to work from municipal buildings The U.S. Ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, said today that the Quint countries agree that the situation needs to be de-escalated. He said this after the meeting of the ambassadors of the Quinte countries with the Prime Minister of Pristina's temporary institutions, Aljbin Kurti, and added that the US recommendation is that mayors do not work from municipal buildings, but from other buildings. Hovenier, however, did not say whether Kurti agreed with the recommendation, saying it was not his place to speak. "The US believes, and I am talking about my colleagues, that it is not necessary for elected presidents in the North to go to work every day. In fact, in the short term, we recommend that this not happen," said Hovenier, Reporters report. He said that there is agreement that the situation should be de-escalated, "but he does not know if he can say that there is agreement on how to achieve that de-escalation".]
This is from the Serbian news.
The whole thing is about the elections from April 23.
I guess they'll go along with these elected officials.
But they're saying they shouldn't work from the city buildings.
That is some movement toward not going along with the election results.
Voter turnout was low.
Serbians weren't on the ballots.
(May 30, 2023)

[MOSCOW, May 29. /TASS/. Russia will respond "very tangibly" to any new steps Germany takes to reduce Russia's diplomatic presence in the country, should such steps be taken, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a commentary circulated on Monday.]
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe the Germans are right wingers.
They seem belligerent against the Russian foreign ministry.
(May 30, 2023)

BRUSSELS, May 29. /TASS/. NATO confirms that several KFOR servicemen were injured in Kosovo, claims that "unprovoked attacks" took place and demands that violence "stops immediately." "NATO strongly condemns the unprovoked attacks against KFOR troops in northern Kosovo, which have led to a number of them being injured. Such attacks are totally unacceptable. Violence must stop immediately," the alliance said in its statement published Monday evening. "We call on all sides to refrain from actions that further inflame tensions, and to engage in dialogue. KFOR will take all necessary actions to maintain a safe and secure environment, and continue to act impartially, in accordance with its mandate under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999," the alliance added. Earlier, Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani announced that 11 Italian KFOR servicemen were injured during riots in Kosovo. According to KFOR, a total of 25 servicemen were injured. According the Vecernje Novosti newspaper, KFOR servicemen attacked the Serbs that were peacefully protecting near the Zvecan municipality administration building in the autonomous region of Kosovo and Metohija. The military cordoned off administration buildings in Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Kosovska Mitrovica. The situation in the four Serb municipalities escalated on May 26 due to Kosovan forces' attempts to capture city administration buildings despite the resistance from local residents. Cell phone service disruptions and police use of flashbangs and tear gas were reported. Pristina insists that the heads of four municipalities in northern Kosovo, elected during April 23 elections, must assume office. Representatives of the Serb List party boycotted the elections because of non-implementation of Pristina's obligations, resulting in voter turnout of 3.47%. A total of 1,566 Albanians and 13 Serbs out of 45,095 eligible voters cast their ballots.
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the use of cell phone interference and flash grenades.
Maybe the KFOR behave as the Germans and the IDF.
I don't want them to block cell phone signals.
(May 30, 2023)

[Heads of Bulgarian intelligence participate in parliamentary hearing MPs are meeting today at an extraordinary meeting called by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov. A hearing of the chairman of the State Agency "National Security", the head of the "Military Intelligence" Service and the chairman of the State Agency "Intelligence" regarding the statements made by MP Radostin Vassilev from the parliamentary group of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" that the heads of the Bulgarian security services were coordinated with the embassies of foreign countries, will take place. The hearing has been requested by "Vazrazhdane" MPs Kostadin Kostadinov, Petar Petrov and Tsoncho Ganev.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
I guess how much they work with the Germans.
(May 30, 2023)

[UPDATED Economy Minister to Unveil Forum on Eurozone's Advantages, Challenges for Businesses Caretaker Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov Tuesday will open a discussion forum on the advantages and challenges of the eurozone for Bulgarian businesses in the process of Bulgaria adopting the single currency, the Economy Ministry said in a press release. The forum will bring together in Sofia representatives of the Bulgarian, Croatian, and Romanian institutions directly involved in the eurozone entry process.]
The Bulgarian news is reporting on the EC.
The EC might be assisting the German army.
Maybe the German economy grows with the help of the EC.
(May 30, 2023)

[25 NATO soldiers were Injured in Clashes in Kosovo 25 soldiers from NATO's multinational force in Kosovo - KFOR have been injured during clashes with Serbs in the northern part of the country. The condition of three of them is serious. The servicemen were injured by explosive devices. Among the injured are 11 Italians. Even today, the protests of the Serbs, who demand the removal of the Albanian mayors, continue. Yesterday, KFOR tried to disperse the protesters gathered in front of one of the municipalities with tear gas and stun grenades. In response, bottles with incendiary liquid and stones were thrown at them. Kosovo Serbs boycotted local elections in April. With a voter turnout of just over 3%, Albanians were elected mayors in predominantly Serb municipalities.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Kosovo has a large Serbian population.
It's weird that so many foreigners are in Kosovo.
Maybe these NATO troops are right wingers.
Belgrade might be complaining about foreign governments in Kosovo.
Why are Italian and Hungarian soldiers walking around Kosovo?
(May 30, 2023)